Monday, May 2, 2011

Colors of Summer

I went to Market Market this Saturday and I bumped into a huge section of nail polishes. I swear, this shopping mall has the best collection of nail polishes. They have all sorts of brands and for each brand, they have an entire color collection. Some of the brands include OPI, Essie, LA Colors, Sally Hansen, Wet n Wild, Bobbie, Caronia, Caress and more!

I debated with my self as to which brand I should go for, and since it's summer, I have decided to go for Caress since their collection has the best colors that will suit the summer season. I purchased some, and no worries since Caress are super duper affordable!

Some of the colors that I picked were:
  • Clear Coat
  • Appealing Red
  • Flaming Love
  • Mango
  • Green Witch
  • Pleasure
  • Sea Green
  • Flame Red
  • Sea Pink
  • Glory Fuji
  • Hiawatha Tent

In this photo, I used Caress
Flaming Love.

I like the tone of this nail polish because it's so vibrant and it fits the summer season.

However, people with darker complexion should be more careful in picking this kind of shade, since it can make your skin appear darker.

In terms of application, the first attempt will be very sheer and almost invisible. If you want to achieve the perfect shade, you have to coat for three times.

In this photo, I used Caress Glory Fuji.

I like the shade of this nail polish but I think it's too dark. I have the typical Morena skin tone, that's why this kind of shade did not compliment me. This is the kind of color that you would want to paint on your toes. Since, nail polishes on toes should be darker for it gets dirty easily.

The color is actually darker in real life, in this photo it appears to be lighter. Since it is pigmented and opaque, I just had to apply two coatings. For less dramatic look, just apply single coating.


I like this product because it so easy to apply and the brush that came along with it has the perfect width for my type of fingernails. I also like the consistency of the product, it glides on smoothly without creating "bumps" along the way.

On the other hand, it has stinging smell and it will remind you of your childhood days when you used to ask 1peso from your mom and buy those "plastic balloons".
In general, I would still purchase Caress nail polishes in the future and recommend it to my readers who want cheap but satisfactory nail color.

I hope this post was helpful. Comment below and let me know what you think.