Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Etude House BB Magic Cream Review

Etude House BB Magic Cream is the first ever BB cream that I bought.

If you have read my previous blog about BB creams then I bet you already know the benefits of using it. For those who haven't, then here's the link.

Over half a year ago, I was so distressed when I had a severe acne break out. A good friend of mine (Jamie) recommended me to use BB cream. I was hesitant at first because I have super sensitive skin and I do get break outs easily. But then again, I thought there's really no harm in trying.
Before actually purchasing the product, I read a couple of BB cream reviews first. The best BB cream reviews that I read were the ones made by
Cinthia from and Jen from

After conducting my profound research, I went to Etude House in SM Megamall to grab the said product. For my local readers who want to visit the store, it is located in Mega B lower ground floor, just before you get to Toy Kingdom. I bought the Etude House BB Magic Cream which comes in a 35 ml tube that sells for around Php 600.

What's so unique about this product is that it comes in a "pumping" tube. Some people might dislike this, but I think it's fine. It actually prevents you from unintentionally squeezing out too much or worse spilling your precious product. It also comes in a sturdy cap that allows you to store the product upright.

Directions for use:

After washing your face using your favorite facial wash, apply a small amount of product and spread evenly onto your face. Remember that in BB Creams, a little amount goes a long way. If it's your first time using this product, try not to put too much or your face will look like a Geisha. :) It may give a whitish look upon initial application but fret not, it will blend naturally with your skin tone once it sets.

Below are pictures of me without BB cream and with BB cream.

This picture is showing my bare face.
No concealer, no foundation, no nothing.
As I have mentioned earlier, I had a point in my life when I had severe acne and the marks are still visible.

In this picture, I have already evenly applied the BB cream on my face.
I did not apply anything prior to the BB cream application to show full effects.
(But I think it was too dark in my room so I put too much. haha!)
Nonetheless, you can see that my skin has become brighter and appeared smoother.
The acne scars were also covered up.

  • It can get excessively white
  • Only one shade available
  • Doesn't last all day
  • Tends to get oily
  • Could get flaky especially when you top it off with powder

  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Light Weight
  • Scent is tolerable
  • Easy to find
  • Little tube goes a long way
  • Lightens acne scars
  • Improves skin condition

To sum it up, the product was great and the effect was also satisfying.
For this product, I would give 3.5 / 5.




  1. hi, Blogger Tine!! ^_^
    I'm just curious with your recent blog on BB Creams.. Is it hypo-allergenic? 'Tis because my skin is a sensitive type one and I'm afraid in applying anything onto it due to this reason. I would really like to try BB cream since many have already testified that it is really a good product for the skin..thanks for the time to respond on this matter.
    Oh, by the way.. nice blog once more!! Keep it up! I'm still waiting for your second haul of affordable clothes that will best look with my size.. more powers!^^

  2. Hello reader Maine!
    Thank you for your support and for taking some time in reading my blogs~
    BB cream is designed to act like a cosmetic but it actually treats your face like a skin care product. I also have super sensitive skin like you and the best advice that I can give you is to try the etude house BB magic cream. I actually use three brands of BB creams and this by far is the better option if you are looking for a hypo-allergenic one. Basically, BB creams are all "hypo-allergenic" since the purpose of it is to heal your skin and improve it's condition. When I used this product, it didn't give me any further break outs and it also healed my deep acne scars.. Give it a shot. :)

  3. wow! thanks for the feedback... but i still have some questions in me..
    u've mentioned on your blog taht the price of a BB cream tube costs 500 or more.. is it worth it? how mnay months a tube of this cream will last? thanks in advance for the response!^_^

  4. Yes, dear!
    a small tube goes a LLOONNGG way!
    I purchased this 35 ml tube over half a year ago, seriously.
    I have been using it everyday since then and it still hasn't run out yet.. I purchased this for 600 php, and have been using it for 6 months already.. So it comes to only 100 php / month! Pretty cheap for a product that's so great! hehe :)

  5. Hi, just wanted to ask, is this the moisturizing or the refreshing one?

  6. Hi Ma-Anne! Thank you for reading my review. Etude House has different kinds of BB cream. Their best selling is the "Precious Mineral BB Cream" which comes in 2 variants.. Are you talking about that BB cream? This BB cream only comes in 1 shade and doesn't have SPF either. But to answer your question, I guess this one can be categorized as 'moisturizing' since it makes my skin feel dewy.. :)

  7. I bought this on Christmas as a present to myself. I was so curious about all the hype BB creams were causing so I gave it a shot. I have acne prone and sensitive skin. I break out easily, I was hesitant at first to use new prodycts on my skin. Back then I only use products frm the Face Shop. AFTER using etude house bb magic cream I had acne breakouts. I feel so bad that my skin was irritated from using this since I loved Etude. Now I'm dealing with this acne. Sigh I dont know what to do now.


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