Saturday, July 30, 2011

All About Hair Rebonding

The hair is a woman's crowning glory.

I had my hair rebond today along with my friend and I thought of posting it here to give readers like you some tips and information about this hair treatment.

What is Rebonding?

Hair Rebonding is a chemical treatment that makes hair straight and shiny. It is usually expensive and the price vary depending on the length and the thickness of hair, some factors that may affect the price are products used, name of the salon and some post treatment care.

But since hair rebond is only permanent to the hair that was treated, you may want to have to touch up the new growth every three to six months, depending upon the growth.

Who needs this?

People who have wavy or curly hair usually have this service. People who are always on the run may want to consider this service, too. Since it will make your hair straight and shiny, you won't need to spend an hour or so in front of the mirror styling your hair thus saving your time.

Rebonding is popular, especially here in the Philippines. There was a time when curly/wavy hair was the most popular hairstyle but gone were those days! (lol) From where I'm from, almost 1/3 of the girl's population want to have straight shiny hair, that's why when you go to a salon you would see women having hair rebond.

Here is a photo my hair before and after the rebonding session.

I had my hair rebond last October of 2010 so in the left photo, you can see that although the lower part is still straight the top portion is already messed up.

After the hair rebond (right photo), my hair became shiny and it's really soft and tangle free in person.

(I originally had straight and soft hair but my Aunt who took care of me when I was young, found it fun to use me as her object of experiment. She permed and straightened and permed and straightened my hair every now and then so my hair literally died. )

Where I got my treatment:

I had my hair rebonded at a local,non-commercialized salon in Pasig. The salon's name is CANDY Salon in Rotonda, Pasig. It was actually my first time trying out in this salon. I was referred by my friends Arrienne and Shiela. I've had a couple of sessions at a salon in Legarda, Manila. But due to a bad hair experience, I decided to try it out here.

The price:

Prices vary depending on length and thickness of hair. Expensive and high-end salons offer about Php5,000 ($100) to Php10,000 ($200) depending on the said factors. I got lucky since the salon that I went offers a Php1,000 ($20) promo of Hair Rebonding to any length of hair. :)

Here are more photos showing how my hair looked prior to the treatment.

No other words to define them but dry, kinky and ugly. (lol)

The process of Rebonding:

The time taken to complete a rebonding treatment depends upon the length, type and thickness of the hair. Hair till mid back could take about 8 hours or more.

I had mine for about 7 hours. ( I know, that's too long! But you know what they say, patience is a virtue. lol)

1. Hair is washed with a mild shampoo. No conditioner is applied. Hair is dried completely with a blow dryer keeping it on the medium level.

2. Hair is separated into parts. The cream softener or relaxant is applied to every hair shaft, keeping it straight.

3. Cream softener or relaxant is kept on hair for at least half an hour or depending upon the hair type. Keeping it for too long may even harm hair.

4. Hair is blow dried and then keratin lotion is applied.

5. A flat iron is used to straighten hair further and break any remaining curls. The iron should not exceed 180 degrees. A ceramic iron is better than other metal irons. The salon expert will iron your hair until it is satisfactorily straight and shiny.

The hair stylist said my hair was too thick. He complained that he had to iron my hair for more than 1 and 1/2 hours. The hair ironing process may hurt you but that is fine, beauty is pain, remember that. :)

6. Hair is again parted and a neutralizer is applied to set the bonds and stabilize the hair.

I took this photo because I thought it was funny! Yes, I am not afraid to make fun of myself,too. They say true comedians are not measured if they can laugh at others but they are measured by the way they laugh at their jokes, too. I am not a comedian but I just thought it was funny. ^_^

If you look at me carefully you may recall someone with this kind of hairstyle........










It's KEY from SHINee! lol ^_^

Look at how similar we look in this photo! ha ha!

(Okay, that was random. Lol. Now let's go back to our topic.)

7. The neutralizer is kept for at least 30 minutes.

8. The neutralizer is rinsed off with cold water. Hair is blow dried and hair serum is applied. A last touch of ironing is given with the straightening iron. Hair appears silky straight and shiny.

The salon professional will restrict you from washing your hair for minimum three days. It allows the treatment to set. You will be asked not to clip your hair, tie a rubber band or wear any other accessories in your hair for minimum three days. Wearing a shower cap while having a bath is also advisable, to prevent hair from becoming wet.

The final look:

Straight, shiny, beautiful!


But the treatment doesn't end in the salon. Remember that you are not allowed to wash your hair for a minimum of 3 days. So, if you plan to have this treatment in Summer then I will just wish you the best of luck. lol. On the first day, it would be fine. The second day is tolerable. But the third day is just so hard to take! Your hair would look super oily and flat so you would look like a sick person who has just gotten out from a nice bath. ^_^

I will update this blog and post a picture after I have taken a bath. I feel so shy to upload a photo of me on the third day of not washing my hair.(lol)