Monday, July 25, 2011

F(X) Hot Summer Nail Art

"Hot summer, hot hot summer! Hot summer, hot hot neomu deowo."

F(X), a Korean girl group, recently released their single entitled "Hot Summer".
I don't usually go for Korean girl groups but f(x) was able to get my attention with this song. The lyrics is just so cute and the rhythm of the song makes me want to dance. I also find the dance steps so cute!

The girls also wore vibrant outfits in the music video and I thought it would be perfect for a nail art design.

Here the photos of the inspirations I used for the design.
(All photos were taken from Google. No copyright infringement intended.)

The Pink Tank I painted on my thumb.

I painted Sulli's smiley face on my index finger.

Krystal's shirt was also pretty so I painted it on my middle finger to be the main focal point.

Amber's shirt was also cute. A red heart painted on black background so I used it for my ring finger.

And finally, Victoria's outfit for my pinky.

Here's the video of the F(X) Nail Art Tutorial:

And you're done!

It's so simple yet so vibrant!

I think I would probably do another design on my nails but I think this time, Krystal's shirt print should go solo. :)

I hope you like this funky design!

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  1. Ommo! You love Kpop? I love kpop too esp this female group. :) Followed you by the way. Saw ur profile on Say's blog...

  2. Hi Nadj! I'm def gonna check out your channel! :) Thanks for following this blog~ I love SHINee.. I like this song too. ^_^

  3. Ahw hehe! Thanks for following Kristine and yes Say is really sweet, kind and pretty! I was stunned by her beauty when I met her. Oh and kpop jjang! I love suju and 2ne1 ♥

  4. @Kristine: You are so true about Say. She is really sweet, nice and pretty! Thanks for following anyway but I don't seem to see your profile on my followers. :) Kpop jjang!

  5. Hi Nadj! Im a little confused here. Why do you have 2 user names? lol. I've watched Suju SuperShow2 here in Manila. It was awesome!! I like 2ne1 too. I am the best is a hit song! ^_^

  6. Korean K-Pop Girl group are cute. i love their dance steps!

    Btw, I am your new follower, hope you will visit my page and follow :)

  7. @Maddalena Thanks! I'm glad you like it! ^_^

  8. @Jewel Clicks Thanks girl! I will def check out your blog. I love Kpop too! but, please let me know how you do that clickable url that you posted here. thanks~ ^_^

  9. great nails! not sure about the song, not my type of music.but love your blog! super cute!

  10. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Kristine! :) I've just recently gotten on the Korean wave (although I still avoid k-pop girl groups). You should check out Princess Hours, it's not a bad drama even if it has been out for a while, if you like k-dramas in general. :D

  11. I think that is so awesome how you're able to capture so perfectly and beautifully the essence of your inspiration! This is amazing! You're so talented :)

  12. OMG! You're so creative! I love the whole Pop looking nails. Now you're inspiring me to do something colorful and pop-ish

  13. wait, I forgot to put space so it would not work. Visit THISI
    Check the A Href. :)

  14. so cute! i enjoyed listening to their video, they're all so cute! even the short haired girl, the more boyish, it's so adorable :3

    nice blog!
    xoxo Monstros no Armário

  15. @Skinny Love Im glad you like it! I also love this song. It's prefect for the season, esp from where Im from..its gets super hot in summer. lol.

  16. @Jewel Clicks thanks for teaching.. but I still havent figured out how to get it done.. I need more practice. lol :)

  17. @Jerine your comment was so sweet! Thank you! Im glad you like it! You should def try some colorful and pop-ish! :)

  18. @Huda Kaake Thank you for your nice comment! Im sure you are also talented.. Do you also like K-Pop? :)

  19. @LauraLeia Yes I do love Korean dramas, I think they are so good at writing stories. I just finished City Hunter have you seen it yet? :)

  20. @Emily D'Avila Im happy you like my blog though you dont like K-pop. I have recently gotten into the Korean Wave and I think they are not bad. ^_^

  21. I love the design....cute and funky


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