Saturday, August 6, 2011

SHINee Replay Japanese Version Nail Art

君は僕の everything

何をしても (僕の心は)
もう (届かないのか)
Replay Replay Replay

SHINee recently released their Replay-Noona is so pretty Japanese version.

And knowing that SHINee is a contemporary band, of course their outfits also had to be ostentatious.

When they released the original version in May 2008, they were very young but they have matured now and they look more manly. The outfits they wore in the original video were casual and sporty but the look they sported in the new video matches the taste of Kawaii Japanese girls.

And when we talk about Kawaii's, of course I had to butt in. (lol) I just love everything Kawaii and SHINee's outfits are no exemption.

The boys wore different sets of attires in the video but their clothes somehow gave me a headache because there were too many designs, print and accessories going on. So I just had to focus and grasp a clear design. :)

I originally wanted to make a YouTube tutorial for this but my friend said it was too unique and she thought not too many people would be interested so I just decided to make a blog post.

I painted
Min Ho's green top on my thumb.Jong Hyun's blue shirt on my index finger.Taemin's The Flash thunder T-shirt on my middle finger.Key's colorful print top on my ring finger.

Onew's striped T-shirt on my pinky.

EMI Music Japan has disabled embedding for their videos on YouTube so just click the link here to go to EMI Japan's YouTube channel. ^_^

I hope you like this SHINee inspired nail art design.

Is it a HIT or SKIP for you?

Comment below and let me know what you think about it.