Saturday, January 28, 2012

Careline Lip Gloss Swatches

Lip gloss gives our lips an extremely shiny finish. I personally like wearing lip gloss on top of my favorite lipstick shade.

I have discovered a great lip gloss brand that I am very excited to share to all of my readers. Cheap yet super pigmented.

The lip gloss is from Careline. Careline is a local cosmetic brand in the Philippines.

What I like about this lip gloss is that it comes it a very cute tube plastic container. Attached to its cap is a sponge applicator that is long enough to reach the very end of the tube.

Each tube costs only Php60 or approximately less than $2.

I purchased 6 shades ranging from a nude gloss to a super vibrant orange one.

I got them in shades 101, 103, 104, 107, 108 and 111.

I edited the pictures and wrote the shade number in it so that you will not get confused. :)

Here's a swatch of the glosses taken indoor with natural light.

Swatch outdoor in natural sunlight.

And a swatch indoor taken with flash.

Here are individual swatches of the lip glosses in the tube and when applied on lips.

shade #101

shade #103

shade #104

shade #107

shade #108

shade #111


  • Very cheap
  • Super pigmented
  • Formula is rich
  • Decent smell- almost like a watermelon-ish smell
  • Doesn't have awful taste
  • Cute packaging
  • Comes in different shades
  • Can be purchased in local drugstores and department stores


  • Could feel too heavy on the lips after a couple of hours
  • Doesn't stay on the lips for too long

I also noticed that the lip glosses didn't leave stain on the lips...

except for shade 108 which left a very subtle red stain on the lips.

I am in love with these lip gloss and since they are super cheap, I could use them as my everyday lip color.

My personal favorite is shade 104 that is a really girly and vibrant pink shade. I definitely recommend this brand to all of you.

Go ahead and try them now. :)



  1. wow, sis nice colors! I wish I could grab one of these :)

  2. The second one looks so awesome there's no doubt about it! in the other hand your lips looks awesome!

  3. hi! where did you buy it? its nice on your lips.

  4. Hi Isay. I got it from my officemate who sells cosmetics. However, if you are also from the PH then you can buy this at Watsons or any local drugstores. :)


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