Thursday, March 15, 2012

Acne Control Facial at Flawless

I have to be honest that I don't have perfect skin... and that frustrates me a lot. :(
I need to go to a facial center at least 3 times a year as I often get acne break outs...
I have tried getting facials at other facial centers, but it was my first time to try a service at Flawless.

Flawless is a famous aesthetic center here in the Philippines. Many famous celebrities endorse it and it really has a good reputation for making people become more beautiful.

Flawless - SM Megamall

I went to Flawless located on the 5th floor of SM Megamall in Pasig City. I went there around 11 am because I didn't want to go with a lot of people. I also needed to be there a little early just so I could take some photos.

Here are some of the services that they offer:

I asked the attendant if she could recommend the best service for my skin type, I have combination of oily and dry skin and my skin is really sensitive. She said I should get the Advanced Acne Control Facial. I originally wanted to consult their resident dermatologist, but the doctor doesn't come in until 1pm.
This is their clinic. What I like about it is that it's very cozy and the ambiance is really relaxing. Just the perfect atmosphere to get pampered.

And this is the doctor's clinic. I guess this is where you'll get under the knife treatments and surgeries? I don't know, I haven't tried such treatment before.

You can have your facial service done there at their common place or you can pay an extra Php100 if you want some privacy. I decided to have my facial experience a little private...
This is my attendant, Cathy. She was really nice.
I have gotten so many facials before from various clinics
and I have to say she's one of the nicest.

I actually liked that idea. An extra Php100 pesos is not to bad because it will keep you away from other people and also give you some privacy. I reckon that it's a good idea to have curtains cover you while you get your face swell to no end. lol.

One more thing that I like is this little compartment that you have under your bed.
This is where you can keep your things while you get beautified by them. And I liked that, too. It keeps your stuff and shopping bags safe and secure.

Before the facial, your attendant will wrap your hands in a hot compress and then in a really girly pink gloves. She will also massage your tired hands.

And then, it's time for steam. Your attendant will leave you for 10 minutes or so.

I didn't feel lonesome because someone was with me...

Richard Gutierrez.

I didn't take any photos during the actual facial because I was too busy crying. lol.
If you haven't experienced it yet, facials could get excruciating, especially if you have deep acne!

After she perforated my face, she then applied a really soothing green mask. According to my attendant, its called the Green Oxygenating Mask.

The mask will be left on the face for about 30 minutes... I thought it was perfect because I was able to nap.

And I don't know about you... But I was able to nap looking like this... :)

Finally, she came back and now it's time to remove the thing...

The thing peeled off as a whole. How cool is that?

After the treatment, my attendant gave me another relaxing shoulder and back massage which made me want to nap more...

I used two of the 10 gc's Flawless gave me.

It's normal for any skin to get sore and swollen after a facial so please don't mock my skin in this picture.. Trust me, it's 60% better looking in this picture than how it really was that day..

I really had a great experience at Flawless! My attendant, for one, was really nice and kind. She was also polite, which is really important every time I get a service at any clinic.

I want to thank Flawless for the gift certificates. I can't wait to finally be "Flawless".

* * *

How about you? Do you also get facial treatments? How often do you get it and what's your favorite clinic?

Please comment below and tell us your story.



  1. This is COOL!! I love the steaming process~

    Who took the pictures? It was good!
    Thanks for sharing Kristine!

    LOVE: Arrienne

  2. wow their facility is really cute ^^, I like that it has a feature that you can have a little privacy ^^.

    Much Love!

    -- Alice

  3. Are they popping the pimples? I really want to try facials but I'm scared.

  4. The clinic looks so girly and fab! Hoping I could try their services one of these days. :)

  5. Arrienne: My attendant took my photos. She was really kind.. :)

    Photoescape: Yes, for only 100 pesos, you get to enjoy some private space. I really recommend paying extra 100bucks for it. :)

    Cheonsadiana: Yes, they do prick the pimples.. and it could get really painful especially if you have deep seated zits.. But I still recommend it. Its worth it. Remember, no pain no gain? :)

    Unknown: I really like their clinic. You should really try there soon!! :)

  6. I love this very informative post. By the way, did you get the regular one or the advanced facial? Also, how long does it take before you can wash your face? And put make up on? :) - Roji

  7. Hi, Roji! I had the advanced acne facial. The doctor will advise you NOT to wash your face overnight or for 24 hours. Its better if you take a car or a cab on your way home so that your face won't get irritated because of dirt and pollution. Also, each time I get a facial I make it sure I don't put anything for 5 days. If you must put make-up on, then 3 days minimum is okay. Let your face heal and breath before you put make-up once again. Hope it helps! :)

  8. hello po. nagbabalak ako ngayong mag pa acne control facial sa ff. ask ko lang po sana kung nagdarken yung spot na prinick? at kung nag darken man siya, gano po katagal bago nawala, at kung pano po ang dapat gawin para mawala agad?

  9. Hi Anonymous! Sana nilagay mo name mo or e-mail address. Hindi ko sure kung mababasa mo to, sana! :) Anyway, super dami ko talaga pimples date. Hindi mo maiimagine. Yung tipong wala na akong karapatang mag blog. lol. Sensitive ba balat mo girl? I suggest you tell the doctor/attendat na sensitive ka. Ako kasi, hindi na ako nag papamask. Napansin ko kasi na kapag nag papamask ako,mas naiiritate ang pimples. After mo magpaprick, ask ka ng face mask and then gamitin mo siya pag uwi mo. Wag ka papaaraw or papausok pag uwi mo.. Wag ka rin mag wash ng face ha... OO girl, nag darken yung spots na na prick..lalo na yung MALALAKI. mga 2 weeks bago mawala...
    1.)pwede natural way lang..hayaan mo lang siya kasi mawawala siya in time.
    2.) pwede ka mag pa 'easy peel' tulad ng ginawa sa akin ng flawless. medyo pricey siya pero ang ganda ng effect. Ask mo yung Flawless doctor about it.
    3.) You can ask for the cream from flawless, its called 'white plus cream' gamit ko siya ang mabilis mag lighten ang scars..

    I hope I helped you.. and sana mabasa mo to. :)

  10. Hi! I just discovered your blog because I'm desperately trying to find out how I can get rid of my unsightly blackheads, whiteheads, and acne scars. I must say that I'm a little intimidated by the procedures that you went through. I've never had a facial before and have not really given it much thought, but I was so inspired your story that I've decided to give it a shot. LOL

    I'm afraid of the pain pero, like you said, no pain no gain. Haha. Wish me luck!

    1. It really is painful... Lalo na kung first time.. You are on the bed, while the lady pricks your face.. Yung iba naiiyak.. Yung iba pinapastop.. Kasi naman, isang pimple nga lang iprick masakit na di ba? Paano pa yung madami.. Pero kikinis ka naman after.. Tignan mo lang kung kaya mo yung pain.. You can always tell your attendant naman to go easy..or stop for a while pag masakit na talaga. :)


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