Wednesday, April 25, 2012

That Vintage Skirt

Hi everyone!

Today I'm doing this quick outfit of the day post.

So, I found this skirt in my mom's closet. She had this when I was young, I was probably 9 years old. Back then, I thought this skirt was special but I just ignored it because it really looks so old and I didn't want to look like I was a person from the past brought to the present.

Now, I am 26 and this skirt still exists in her closet. I really admire my mom for being chary so up to now she still has some of the clothes she had even before she gave birth to me.

I really love this skirt in particular. I know I used to ignore it, but you can't blame me nor the skirt. Vintage fashion is really hot these days and I just thought this is the perfect time to wear my mom's clothes! :)

It reminds me of one of the trendiest decades, the 1950's.

Here are some more photos. Sorry for the not so perfect quality. Pictures were taken using an iPhone4.

The outfit:

Skirt : Mom's Vintage Skirt
Top : Bayo
Shoes : Oxford Flats

I'm glad that fashion just revolves. The clothes that the fashionista women in the past wore could still be used in the present.

So, it really pays to invest in quality clothes that will last for years, even decades!

And style doesn't always have to be new, branded and expensive, it's how you carry it.