Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Getaway at 9 Waves

Whenever I talk about the Philippines, I always say that our country feels like Summer all throughout the year. But the real Summer is no joke. People who were born, raised and aged in the Philippines still complain about the weather when it hits.

That's why beaches and resorts get jam packed in March, in April and in May because people want to get in fresh and cool water.

This weekend was so fun! I went to 9 Waves resort located in San Mateo, Rizal.

The place is about 1 hour away from the metro by car.

The entrance fee is Php 350 / head. (about $8)

The place is not so big compared to other famous resorts in the Philippines. But the place is good enough to enjoy with your family and friends!

There are three pools in 9 Waves.

The first one is the Wave pool, which you will see upon entrance.

We went too early (8am) so the pool didn't have waves just yet.

There's also a kiddie pool with a cute whale slide for children.

And the regular pool with a slide. Which I didn't try because I didn't want to land in 6 foot deep water!

The cottages were also cute. You can either choose to stay under a simple mini cottage like in the photo..

Or in a wide and secured pavilion like this. We chose to stay here. It was Php 2,700 or about $64.

Henna tattoos are also in style while relaxing by the pool or at the beach. 9 Waves also offers henna tattooing.

Swimming will make you tired, and hungry. That's why we brought packed lunch with us.

Our food...

However, if you don't have the time to prepare food, there are some stalls inside the resort where you can buy some snacks and beverage.

Now, it's time to go swimming!

This is me before changing into proper swimming attire and getting in the water.

Now, I am properly dressed for the place.

My Outift

Hat : Trinoma ( Landmark)
Swimsuit : Koi Swimwear
Denim Shorts : unknown
Belt : YRYS
Flip flops : Old Navy

(Sorry I had to post lots of photos of me. I just liked them all so I can't choose)

I went with my friend, Arrienne. Here are some photos of us.

We swam from 9am until 3pm so I got really dark.

But the darkness of my skin is okay because I really liked the place and I really had fun!

My favorite has got to be the wave pool!

There is a water fall above the wave pool where people could go up to. I did go up and took some more shots.

I really liked this place and I really had a good weekend.

I recommend this place to people who want to relax and feel refreshed especially this very hot summer.