Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My New Favorite : Divine Lee

I really enjoy reading other people's blog because I learn so much from them. One of my favorite blogger is Divine Lee. I didn't really know her at first, my friend who likes reading blogs told me about her blog. At first, I was like blah! She talks so gay-ish for a beautiful woman that she is...

Until recently that I just found myself opening her site when I'm tired or stressed out. What I like about her is she is so beautiful and natural. She is confident, successful yet humble and approachable and did I mention that she is one dorky lady?

When I read a blog, I don't really care about the writer's personal life, what's important is the content of what the person writes. Divine's posts are so light and humorous yer entertaining and informative. She blogs about anything. Her dog, her travels, her fashion style, her personal life to her night outs with her friends... and of course she blogs about her relationship with hunk bf, Victor Basa.

Would have been all good until tonight that I watched this video:


So impressive! A beautiful woman like her, tall, sexy and all. With a boyfriend to die for and a happy relationship... Those designers clothes, shoes and bags... And she is even the daughter of a successful business tycoon?! But what impressed me was not the fact that she's rich. I was impressed because wile reading so many pages of her blogs, she didn't seem at all bragging. I even saw posts where she went to out reach programs with some of her friends. And she also interacts with her readers like there were her real life friends.

This woman is FIERCE. (If I may use her favorite adjective)
I admire her and as I read her blog I get to like her more and more.

Many people comment on her about being "gay" because she acts and talks like one. But, that doesn't really matter, does it?

She is such an inspiration! She's almost got everything yet she is still hard-working and she keeps her feet on the ground. She is now officially one of my favorite local bloggers and personalities.

And just in case you missed this... (As I did because I only watched it now. lol)
She also has an amaaazing love life!

Seriously, I felt like I was watching a romantic movie when her boyfriend, Victor, entered the door. It was so romantic! Sincere and sweet love!

I really admire this woman. I hope all successful and beautiful women on earth were like her. If they were, I'm sure the words jealousy and insecurity would never have been invented. She's so sophisticated but you really gotta love Divine!

Check out her blog divinemlee.com.