Thursday, June 28, 2012

Korean Eyebrows

Aside from their superb acting skills and their flawless and porcelain-like skin, Korean actresses are also well known for pulling off natural, straight and full brows.

I've become so curious and conscious about eyebrows ever since my cousin, who is from America, noticed my eyebrows when she came over to the Philippines for a visit. She said mine were too thick and full, I looked at hers and they were TOO thin. She said it is the trend in the US and she also pointed out that thick brows is the trend here in Asia.

And, yes I love that trend!

Natural, straight and full brows gives definition to oval faces as well as a youthful appearance. This brow shape flatters and frames the face nicely. It gives the appearance of being carefree yet confident. It makes someone look fresh, cared-for yet not overly done.

Here are some beautiful Korean actresses who like to keep their brows thick, straight and natural.

Song Hye Gyo

Kim Tae Hee

Han Ga In

Shin Min Ah

Son Ye Jin

Han Chae Young

Kim Eugene

This shape of brows, when done correctly, creates a more youthful appearance.Looking at these beautiful women, who would ever guess that most of them are in the mid 20's? Some even past 30 but still looking so young and fresh, and their eyebrows played a big role in that.

To create this look, you may want to go to a salon and have an expert do it for you.

However, if you think you can achieve this look on your own then here are some tips:

1. Trim only the excess hair lengths from your eyebrows. Trimming your brow hairs will help create your ideal brow shape. Keep in mind that you are going for a full brow so do not over trim.

2. Shape your eyebrows. Take your tweezers or brow shaver and go around your eyebrows keeping in mind your goal is a straight brow.

3.The final step to achieve the look is to fill in brows is with brow pencil, both of which should be at least a shade or two lighter than your brow hair. You may also want to top the brows using powder (eyeshadow) of the same color as the liner. It gives texture but makes the brows look softer and more natural. To hold your brows in place, apply eyebrow gel.

And the end result should look make you look more fresh and youthful!

Good luck!