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Acne Scars Treatment : Flawless Easy Peel

I was really hesitant to do this blog post since I will be exposing my bare, flawed skin to all of you guys. I was supposed to do this last June 2012 but I only had enough courage now. I thought, some bloggers even post about their cosmetic surgery and their nose/breast argumentation and I thought not all people will undergo that treatment, right? But, I am quite sure many people have suffered or are still suffering from acne breakout or severe acne scars.

So, this entry is for the people who are suffering from acne or if you have friends or relatives who suffered the same situation, then maybe this can help them to learn how they can take care of their skin.

Flawless has been with me in this battle against acne. I posted about the Flawless acne facial here and Flawless pimple injection here.

Flawless - SM North Edsa

The last stage in achieving flawless skin is getting rid of scars brought about by acne breakout.

You can use over the counter products or home made remedies if you want to treat acne scars. You could also just leave it and let time heal the scars, because it eventually will although you may have to wait a long time. Or, you could simply go to a Flawless clinic and ask about their chemical peels.

According to Flawless:

Chemical Peels treat wrinkles caused by sun damage, aging and heredity factors; fine lines, particularly under the eyes and around the mouth; mild scarring and certain types of acne; pigmentation such as sun spots, age spots, liver spots, freckles, birth control pills-induced blotchiness; and dull skin that is in need of rejuvenation. The after-effect of the peel is skin that is perceptibly more elastic and firmer. Sun protection through sunscreens and sunblocks must be used in conjunction with the Peels to avoid the reappearance of lesions.

This treatment I'm posting about is the

What Flawless Easy Peel does:

  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Erases fine line
  • Lifts sagging areas of the skin
  • Heals and diminishes sun damage
  • Minimizes pigmentation and acne scars

Price: each Easy Peel session costs P3,000
that includes steam, vacuum, facial cleaning (pimple extraction) and laser
It's quite pricey but it's worth it since the effect is really noticeable

Flawless uses TCA chemical for the Easy Peel. I researched and here's what I found about the TCA chemical from

"TCA stands for trichloroacetic acid and is a common agent used for chemical peeling, one type of facial resurfacing. It comes in varying concentrations, allowing for varying depths of peeling (depending on the concentration). TCA peels can help treat pigmentation, discoloration, fine lines and aging grooves. A TCA peel should be done by a weel-trained physician(dermatologist,plastic surgeon) in their office. The downtime and recovery can range from a few days to several weeks, depending on the strnthg of the peel. A TCA peel is not appropriate for all skin types, nor is it the best treatment modality for certain types of facial rejuvenation. But a strong medium-depth TCA peel can give great results when done properly on the right patient.

However, do not judge the treatment by its name. Just because the name is "easy" doesn't mean it is going to be easy. Before undergoing this treatment, I strongly urge you to consult the Flawless doctor first. They will advice you if the treatment is suited for you skin type. Also, the peel is one of the strongest peels Flawless offers. Please do not go expose yourself to sun while on the treatment and be sure to use high spf and umbrella and seriously stay under the shade. Please note the this treatment darkens the skin first and cause skin to "burn". It's normal and it is part of the healing process. So, remember not to set any important events or go swimming for at least 2 weeks while on the treatment.

So, let's get this long text-heavy and photo-heavy post started! :)

This is my skin before Easy Peel. I intentionally put dates in the photos to show you the transition of the skin.

* * *

The treatment:

Step 1:

After extracting the pimples, it's now time for the pealing. This is done by their doctor so you can be sure that you are in safe hands.
TCA base solution will be applied on the entire face. Beware! It gets STINGY! That's the reason for the fan that you see in the photo. An attendant will do so to help you ease the pain of the sting. It doesn't last long, though. If your pain tolerance is high (like me) then you will be able to handle this. You know what they say, tiis ganda! :)

Step 2:

The doctor will keep on applying the TCA solution. This is the chemical that peels the outer layer of your skin. This will go on for about 5-10 minutes or until "frosting" of the chemical appears.

Can you see that I'm about to cry? hehe

Step 3:

Once the entire face has whitish surface due to the frosting of the chemical, the post peel cream will be applied.
This cream consists of vitamin c, anti-oxidant and other stuff that aids in whitening and acts as a protective layer and also lessens the stingy feeling.

And that's it! It only takes about 15-25 minutes. The doctor will advise you NOT to wash your face when you get home and just leave the chemical on your face over night. This will let the skin absorb it and will make the peeling more effective.

* * *

The peeling process:

You can wash your face when you wake up the next day. You will notice dark spots especially on the areas of the face with thinner skin.

The skin will become really dry, it will remind you of drought and el nino. lol.

On the third day, the areas of the face with really thin skin will start to peel.

Yes, it does. But the ugliness will all be worth it and you will say hello to smoother skin. You can see that the skin appears "plastic-y" and lines appear when you try to stretch the skin. While your skin is peeling, NEVER FORGET to use SPF!

The areas with thicker skin will start to peel off. You can see how light the skin beneath is compared to the skin on the outer layer.

Expect skin flakes to get as big as this. Say bye-bye to dead skin cells, pigmentation and scars!

90% of the outer layer already peeled off. You will notice that the skin is clearer and smoother.

Peeling is almost gone however you will notice that the spots turned reddish. It's normal because your face just exposed a new skin layer. The redness will fade.
Here's my skin after 8 days...

* * *

After the first session in June, I went back to Flawless to have another session. You can not have this more than once a month. As for me, I wanted a long interval before having another treatment. I went to Flawless 2nd week of August.

Here's a photo of my face before and after 2 sessions of Easy Peel.

Left photo: before having the Easy Peel treatment. Right photo: After 2 sessions of Easy Peel.

* * *

More about the Flawless Easy Peel


  • Effect is really evident
  • Pigmentation and scars lighten after just the 1st session
  • The treatment is done by a licensed Flawless doctor


  • A little expensive
  • Stingy
  • Face gets really ugly before getting pretty

* * *

This is honestly one of my favorite Flawless facial treatments. When my friends and relatives ask me how I got rid of my severe acne a couple of months ago, I tell them I had this treatment.

Yes, it does get really ugly and your face turns dark and spots appear but it's better because you only have it for a couple of days. I guess it's better than having those really ugly scars for a longer period of time. It's really just about being committed and having to sacrifice small things for the better things.
I recommend this treatment to people who have suffered from acne breakout and would like to have clear skin again. This is also good for people whose skin have aged or if you just want to have smoother and lighter skin.

However, please bear in mind that what may have been effective on me may not be effective on you and may cause you to suffer side effects or bad outcome. Please consult your doctor first before proceeding with the peeling.

Thanks to Flawless! Click here for more Flawless treatments and services.

Thank you for reading!



  1. Oh my gosh! It's so brave of you to post this. And I really appreciate the post since I also have bad acne, ever since highschool it would get better for a while before it got really bad.

    Anyway thanks for sharing.



    1. Hi CJ! I was also hesitant and very shy! I didnt want people and readers like you to see my face. But I thought some people might be looking for solutions and maybe this could help. It did heel me and my skin is better now compared to how it looked here. :)

  2. I have the same problem. Severe acne all over my face. Had a fight with my girlfriend just an hour ago about this matter. She said if I really love her I need to find way how to get rid of this pimples. Thats why I do a research about acne/pimple treatment until I saw this post. There's a flawless clinic near here so my only problem now is budget haha. Oh and thank you also for your other blog about korean restaurant. We love korean food and I love cooking korean dishes especially chapchae and bulgogi but in my own way. Filipino Style haha. Thank you and Godbless

  3. I have the same problem. Severe acne all over my face. Had a fight with my girlfriend just an hour ago about this matter. She said if I really love her I need to find way how to get rid of this pimples. Thats why I do a research about acne/pimple treatment until I saw this post. There's a flawless clinic near here so my only problem now is budget haha. Oh and thank you also for your other blog about korean restaurant. We love korean food and I love cooking korean dishes especially chapchae and bulgogi but in my own way. Filipino Style haha. Thank you and Godbless

    1. Hello Jalbert! I think your girlfriend is somehow correct.. But you should take it positively. Dont get angry or feel bad about it. I think she loves you so much so she wants you to look good to feel better about yourself. You know, its never bad to try.. If you are from Manila then I would gladly help you. I could personally go with you and with you gf to Flawless. I went to Flawless Sm North. My doctor there is really good! :)
      I am glad you like my post about Korean food, You should really try it at Don Day, if you havent yet. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Camille! I hope you get well soon, too! :)


  5. Hello,After reading you site, Your site is very useful for me .I bookmarked your site! Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…I am happy to find so many useful information here in the post, we need develop more strategies in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

    how to get rid of acne scars

    1. Hello, Rick! Thank you so much! :)

  6. Another informative blog… Thank you for sharing it… Best of luck for further endeavor too.Interesting and important information. It is really beneficial for us. Thankswe need develop more strategies in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

  7. Hi, i struggled from acne and seborhic dermatitis. These all happened when i used ponds facial cream, chin chun su and from a smooth talked by a doctor to have me join in his glycolic peel treatment (it was expensive). Since then, i have this ultra sensitive skin and i never went back to his clinic which named
    Skin City (Cagayan de Oro). Then a friend recommended to me Lacto Pafi Herbal. I splashed it on my face, wait for a few seconds and rinse it. After a few weeks, my acne and scars vanished. I didint look like i had suffered from acne. My skin is rejuvenated. Its cheap 80pesos per bottle.

    1. Hi! Thank you for reading my blog! :)
      I researched the Lacto Pafi Herbal.. I haven't seen that in the market yet..
      Where can I get it?

  8. Does this treatment remove icepick scars?

    1. Icepick scar is quite deep. One session won't be enough. I guess it will work if you do it on a regular basis.. :)

    2. Thanks! I might try lower TCA peels then gradually increase the percentage to 50%. :) Can you give me some after care tips? :)

    3. Hi Diana! :) You need to stay away from the sunlight ans use sunblock and umbrella!

  9. Hi. Do you have breakouts after the treatment? Can you show us the new you now? I want to have more confidence to do this treatment. Thanks!

    1. Hello, Kate! Thank you for reading! If you read my recent posts on this blog, you will see my skin and how it has improved. :) Please refer to my newer posts. :)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. hi thank you for your article... you have no idea how much hope you gave me because I have a bad acne problem just like yours and I have no idea what else to do... i would like to go to flawless but i'm afraid if my money is not enough... may I just ask if how much you paid in total from the very start of your treatment up to the end and all your acne meds to be applied at home if you have any... Thank you for your help :) God bless!
    P.s: your fast reply is much appreciated my pimples are getting worst every single day... you can send me an e-mail too if you want thank you so much again :D

    1. Hi! I am sorry for responding so late. I hope you get my response.
      How you read/watched my HOW TO GET RID OF ACNE? You listed everything there. From the causes of acne and the ways on how to get rid of it.
      You should really NEVER loose hope. You should see my face last year, it was really unbearable. But I eventually got better. The treatments from Flawless were expensive. :( about 500 for each facial every two weeks. 100 per pimple injection, about 10 or more injections every two weeks. The facial peeling is 3,000. and the home care products... it really is expensive. But you don't have to do everything that I did all at the same time. you can start from the basic, use mild facial cleanser, drink lots of water and sleep early. change your pillow case and towel very often. Skip the oily conditioner and use heads and shoulders shampoo! :)try those them let me know the improvement. :)

    2. it's okay :) thank you for responding :D I will follow your advice..will go to flawless mall of asia branch tomorrow bec its nearest to my place. you are really helping a lot of people with your arcticle..i will keep you posted for any improvements....keep it up! God bless! :)

    3. You are welcome! Thank you for reading! Whats your name? :) Update me! <3

  12. hi thank you for your article it really gave me hope. I also have a a bad acne problem... i was just wondering how much you spent from the start of your treatment up to the last including the creams,meds you buy if you have any... i just want to have an idea how much i will be spending before going to flawless... after seeing your picture i think we have the same severity of acne. your help is much appreciated :) thank you and God bless! :D

  13. hi..consultation sa flawless in any branch free ?
    how about scars from chicken pox ..natanggal ba..
    or na lessen ba mga visible red and dark spots for 1 session only?

    1. Hi! Consultation is free. :)
      Chicken pox scar is quite deep and dark, right?
      I cant tell because I've never experienced it yet... but I think one session won't be sufficient.. at least three or more.. :) once every month or 2 months.. :)

  14. hi dave here... I went to forever flawless Mall of Asia branch to avail the easy peel treatment but I decided to have a consultation first before pushing the Dermatologist gave me options for my treatment... she showed me the stem cells treatment first but its very costly it's 18,000 pesos+4,500 for the retinoe. I told the dermatologist that I cant afford the treatment so she gave me another option the easy peel which is 3,530 and the last option she gave me is the acne control facial+glycolic peel.But she told me that easy peel is much better than glycolic peel so I opt for the easy peel and bec of your blog I know that it really works.So when I went out to the front desk to tell her on what treatment I can avail she told me to choose the stem cells treatment...she was very insistent... again i told her that I can't afford that much she told me to get the retinoe treatment's much better than easy peel she I decided to go for it... they use micro needles on your whole face so that the retioe can penetrate up to the face was very red for 2 days and on the 3rd day it went back to normal..although i can see a little change..i'm not yet satisfied...and oh I almost forgot they made me buy the iskin new york kit for 9,000... damn that was expensive all in all i spent 15,000 for my first visit and now i'm broke hahaha but the kit will last for 6 months though... so i'm thinking to try the easy peel next time..or should i just continue with the retinoe treatment..what do you think? :D

    1. Hello Dave! Thanks for reading! :)
      I dont know why they insisted you to try those products and services, you probably look rich? hehe (i'm kidding) My trusted Flawless doctor is in Flawless SM North Edsa. But that is too far from where you are. First thing, you really need to go to a doctor that you trust and comfortable with. I also had two other Flawless doctors before I settled with my doctor now. It really helps that you feel that your doctor is really concerned about your skin. When I was under the treatment with Flawless, they were the one who advised me to try the easy peel. I think they would never refer something to me that doesn't work. There are different types of treatments in the market. The ones that are TOO expensive but work... There are those that are too expensive but only gives minimal results.. Then there are treatments that are cheap but give you visible results. I am not sure where the 18,000 treatment falls. But I am sure that the easy peel works. If you convert your 18,000 to easy peel treatments, then you can have 6 treatments already. I only had 3 easy peel treatments but look at my skin now. :) Next time, if they advice you to try something that is too expensive for you and you're not comfortable with, please remember that you can always say NO and you have the last word because that is your skin. :) Also Dave, could you tell me the condition of your skin? Is it like mine in the picture? :)


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