Saturday, September 22, 2012

DIY : T-Shirt Weaving / Laddering

A plain shirt is always timeless and classy. It's one of those clothing pieces that never go out of style! I believe every one should own a basic and flattering plain shirt that you can mix and match with other outfits. 

But sometimes plain shirt could get too boring and repetitive. So, here's a way to glam up a basic tee.

For this project, you can use an old shirt that you don't use anymore. Or you can be a little spendthrift and use a new shirt. 

This looks perfect when done on a plain shirt. But, I also tried to do this using my mom's shirts. One is a loose over-sized top and the other one is a printed t-shirt, and they also looked great! So I guess there's no limit to what kind of shirt you can use. :)

I usually post solo pictures but since mobile surfing is really convenient, here is a collage I made. You may download this and use as a guide. It's faster and you can keep it for future reference! :) 

Here's the quick video:

My mom asked if it's possible to weave the front part of the shirt, I say why not?! But be sure to wear something underneath like a tube top or a tank top, if you're not that bold. 

Also, since most countries are in the Fall season now, it could get a bit chilly in this shirt. So, I suggest wearing something underneath. I think this will also look cool when worn over a cute sweater or long-sleeves shirt. 

I hope I inspire you to be more creative and do things like this on your own. DIY's are great because you save some bucks and you also come up with something that's really unique and not many people have.

Thank you all for watching my YouTube videos and for reading this blog.

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