Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clip In Hair Extensions Tutorial + Review (BestHairBuy.com)

I personally think any woman who can pull off short hair is truly edgy and sexy... Yet, long, straight hair will always be classy. So, where do you put your self? Rejoice! Hair extensions was invented! Now woman can practically chop their locks today and still have long hair the next day, all thanks to the lenience of hair extensions.

I've always wondered how hair extensions work. Glad I got these hair extensions from www.besthairbuy.com!

These hair extensions are made from 100% human hair. What's so good about human hair extensions, you ask? It's knowing the fact that you can do almost everything to it that you can do to your natural hair. Wash, Shampoo, Blow dry, Iron, Curl, Braid, Ponytail, Style, etc!

Where to get: www.besthairbuy.com

Price: $139 (Now on sale for limited period! $83.99)

Since I have long hair, I asked my friend, Vabes, to be my model for the tutorial. Her hair's length is quite short so I thought it would be perfect to have her to demonstrate the hair extensions. Her hair is naturally straight and the texture is fine. She also dyed her hair brown/orange and I was so amazed how the hair extensions' texture and color blended so perfectly with her natural hair!

For the tutorial on how to put on clip in hair extensions 
and for the full review, please play the video:  

What I really like about these hair extensions is that it looks so real! I've been wanting to buy hair extensions before what the ones I saw were too shiny so they look so fake! You know, what kind of normal hair shines like that except for those shampoo and commercial ads? lol.

To show the difference between real hair and the clip in hair extensions, I'm posting a photo of my friends. My other friend, Arrienne, has long hair while Vabes has the clip in hair extensions on.

Also, these extensions do not tangle and do not shed. I've tried styling them and I only say 2 strands that shed and non followed after that.
You can get your own hair extensions from www.besthairbuy.com.
They offer free shipping for orders $99 and up.

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Now, everyone can have long hair in a snap! No need to wait for years

Thank you for reading!