Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dream KPop Fantasy Concert

So, I got the ticket for this concert as early as October 2012. My friend and I were lucky enough to have been able to avail of the 20% early-bird discount promo.
Ever since I got the ticket, I've been so excited to go to the concert to finally see Infinite. Actually, I started liking Infinite because of the ticket! lol Since I already had the ticket but did't know Infinite too well yet, I decided to research more about them. I found out that L was in the SUFBB. Though I already know Hoya was in Reply 1997. Also, it happens that TvN was currently showing Infinite TV/Ranking King. I was lucky enough to watch the 3rd episode where they were chasing each other in a museum, I thought it was a fun show so I decided to watch episode 4 on the net since I couldn't wait for the next week for it to be aired on TvN. Next thing I know, I was staying up late watching more Ranking King episodes. I used to like L first, I mean, who wouldn't? He's just so perfectly handsome, isn't he? But then, I came to watch Weekly Idol, yes all 3 guestings and then I just realized I like Kim Sunggyu more. Since then, I became more excited to go to the Dream K-Pop Fantasy concert. Actually, I only wanted to go because of Infinite since then.

And then came January 19, 2013. That dream-come-true day for any fan where 6 idols perform on one stage!

Let's go, Dream K-Pop Fantasy Concert!

  • Infinite
  • Tasty
  • Tahiti
  • U-Kiss
  • EXO
  • Girls Generation

The concert was held at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds in Pasay.

My friend and I met at 8 am. We got there at 9. I thought we were going to be early since the gates will open at 3 pm. Usually, we follow the Filipino time. But, I was impressed these kids didn't, they came there early!

So we fell in line. As I always say, (or how I would try to defend my self) I am not a hardcore fan girl. Just a simple fan who enjoys listening to an artist's songs therefore I don't have too much K-pop merchandise or goodies. 

But you know what they say: When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
So I bought an Infinite support logo headband! Only P60.

I got a little bored so I decided to walk around the area. Then, I saw this. Gasp! The closest distance I could get to the backstage! 

That gate, the Gold gate. I must. enter. there. first!

I don't want to go around and around and bore you the same way I got bored of waiting before the guards finally decided to open the gate and let us all in. 

So, here's a photo showing the time I started lining up until the time I was able to enter the venue.

Ahh! It just felt so good to be under the same sky, on the same ground, in the same time zone, breathing the same air as your favorite star, even just for a day! 
And I swear, in the moment, we were Infinite.
(Geez, I'm starting to become greasy. Someone's greasiness has been rubbed on me, Nam Woo hyun?)

I got the area that I planned! I was one of the first to enter the Gold section so I was able to run to to the area behind the barricade. I liked that area because it's a step closer to the Platinum area, meaning closer to the stage. And also, I won't have to worry about people pushing me around.
What do you mean I look pale and un-presentable? I was in line, 9am to 6pm, under the freaking sunlight! Ahh, the things I do for Kim Sunggyu! No man is worth your time if he lets you wait. But not if it's Kim Sunggyu. Ah, 9 long hours. I don't think I have ever waited for someone for that long yet! Kim Sunggyu, I waited for you for 9 hours and you looked at my camera tonight, you must at least know that I exist now. (lol, fan girling now?!)

That's the Silver area behind me.

And that area behind them, by the McDo is the Bronze section. You can only imagine what they saw from that distance..  :(

Here's a photo I got from courtesy of Howell Santiago. 
Look at how many people came.
Can you spot me? I encircled myself in the photo. That little yellow circle on the left corner. I actually love my spot. Perfect spot to take photos and videos (if you have a good zoom camera, that is.) If you are too near, all you'll get are people's heads and their cameras. If you are too far, you'll pretty much get....nothing. I'm glad I took the Gold section and I'm glad I lined up early so I was able to take the area behind the barricade.

Many people have been asking me about the camera I used to take the photos and videos. I was a bit far from the stage, and considering the distance, the quality of the videos and pictures isn't bad anymore.. 

I used Canon Powershot SX 240 HS.
I got the camera because of it's zoom. It has 20x zoom which is really clear and focuses well. And then it extends up to 80x zoom which is still pretty decent. I'm glad I got this camera! :)

I love what the shirt says, Dreams Come True. I wanted to buy but it was P800. It comes with a Trip To Korea raffle, though. It's true, the girl standing next to me won a trip to Korea, how lucky!

I also saw the person who brings K-pop concerts here in the Philippines, Happee Sy!
Ms. Happee, organizing this event must have been so stressful... But, would it be so much to ask you for a SOLO INFINITE CONCERT

The show's host, Kring Elanzano from

So, fast forward some 1 1/2 hours and then the concert starts!!

First in the line up was Infinite. I don't understand why Infinite had to be the first to perform. Can you just imagine eating your dessert before taking your meal? It just doesn't feel right. :(

This is the stage and that's Infinite on the screen.

When the boys appeared on stage, I didn't know if I should just stare at them or take evidences. I know my eyes won't be able to store the images for too long. Nor can I review them afterwards, so I just went ahead and took a lot of videos. Since videos seem more realistic than photos...

I regret that I didn't take a lot of photos, though! 
Here are the good ones I got on my camera...

I finally saw Kim freaking Sunggyu! His hair is black. Though, I honestly prefer him in caramel brown or flame red hair. The first one is just so cute, fits his Hamster character. The latter is just as fierce as the rocker in him. Oh well, Sunggyu with the black hair is still Kim Sunggyu!

Ahh, these boys! The same boys I liked in Sesame Player and Ranking King. 

Sunggyu : Fluffy and adorable and always so smiling! That's how I have always perceived him, and that's what he showed me tonight. 
Woohyun : The greasy yet adorable, Namu. Always smiling on stage and active, never frowns!
Dongwoo : From afar, I felt his contagious laugh. His smile was wide the whole time he was on stage. 
Hoya : Dance machine and trying his best to be a talker/mc now.
Sungyeol : That handsome member I vote as visual next to L, cuter when choding but still handsome even when a snob.
Myungsoo : Dorky when Myungsoo, reserved when L. He was L tonight.
Sungjong : That prettyboy maknae. 

The 4 older members were the talkers/entertainers that night. Hoya and Woohyun talked while Sunggyu and Dongwoo smiled the entire night. Sungyeol, L and Sungjong however, looked really tired and exhausted, I know they are. Though it would have been nicer to see that choding character of Sungyeol and the playful other side of L which is Myungsoo that I see on variety shows.

I enjoyed their performance! They sang all the songs I like!

  1. The Chaser
  2. That Summer
  3. Before the Dawn
  4. Paradise
  5. Be Mine
  6. Nothing's Over
I liked that they were wearing their The Chaser outfit. That is my favorite outfit on them.

One more thing, don't you guys also think that Lee Sungyeol from Infinite kind of looks like Kris from EXO M?
Tell me it's not just me..

I don't know how you guys will perceive me after reading this so much greasy blog post. lol

After the boys performed, I was ecstatic. I only watched Infinite and right after that, I was just merely taking photos and videos of the other artists but my heart went with Infinite. I was just shocked at how fast things happened. First thing, they were on stage and I was screaming my lungs out. I decided to take videos of them as it would be easier to playback and remember... Then, next thing I know, they were walking out of the stage. But I really felt like crying the moment I got home. Not enough time, not enough!

Kim Sunggyu did not even talk! I did not even hear his "Annyeong hatheyo, Inphiniteu Lideo Thunggyu-imnida." And that never ending "ETH" or his lisp.

That is why I need to watch a solo concert. 30 minutes just wont do justice to that 9 hours I waited to see them. Anyone who reads this, anyone? Ms. Happee Sy? Pulp? Myx? Smart? GMA7? ABS-CBN? Woollim Entertainment? Please!! INFINITE SOLO CONCERT!

* * *

Next, U-KISS. Honestly, U-KISS is very under-rated, specially in Korea. Under-rated because they've been around for a long time now, I think they debuted same year as 2PM and SHINee... They totally deserve more. They are one of the bands with the most sincere and kind members. I'm just proud they are quite famous here. They even had their first concert here in the Philippines!

So much has changed in this group! I forgot that I used to really like them (like how I like Infinite now) back in 2010. I left the fandom when Alexander left. I know right, what an unloyal fan. But I was really devastated and disappointed then so my option was to leave. I guess I was just not into the idea of member change. Say Shinee or Infinite changes some members, I might also feel and do the same.. :/

But I still check them from time to time. And they've been doing so well since then and just keeps on improving.

One thing that I love about this group is how they interact with their fans. They treat them as friends rather than fans, which is pretty rare in idols these days. 

I've always known then, but I think I just truly appreciated now how handsome Kiseop is! No wonder he was an Ullzzang prior to being U-kiss member.

I hope U-Kiss finally reaches the spot they deserve. 

* * *

It makes me wonder if EXO is really a newbie group. They have promoted so well and they have such a huge fan base. 

When I got to the concert venue, about 70% of the population went there for EXO.
How amazing SM Ent. is. That is why sometimes, if there is a singer that I think is good but not getting too much spotlight, I wonder how that singer's career would have been if she/he had landed under SM...

It's amazing how these boys can wear sparkly pink and blue coats without looking tacky. In my opinion, they were able to pull of their outfit very well. They even made the look appear classy and very trendy!

I don't really know EXO very well. I just know about the M and the K. But seeing the boys, I have to say they all look good! SM must have spent a little more time haunting the best looking trainees then. 

I especially like Kris. I like that he speaks English too. 

EXO fans went cray when they sang Hawak Kamay, a local song sung by Yeng Constantino. How amazing, the effort. The pronunciation was also good! 

So, if you are an EXO fan, you should now know what HEWEK KEMEY is. lol!

* * *

The most anticipated group, Girls Generation

The girls are all pretty and they all dance so well! The outfit they wore was one of their outfits in the I Got a Boy promotion. It accentuated their curvy hips. I drooled at how tiny Yuri's waist is!

I also know how popular Yoona is for being pretty. But she's really so pretty in person. It's amazing how Koreans look so pretty on tv and in pictures, and still look exactly the same in person. I mean, some American performers look different on music videos and in person. But these Koreans look exactly like how they look on the screen. The hair, the skin, the height, the eyes, the make-up, the clothes, everything!

The crowd was so alive during SNSD's stage. It was short, too, like Infinite's stage. But totally worth it! 

They came straight from the airport but still managed to give 100% performance, thumbs up GG!

* * *

If you want to know more about this concert or if you want a glimpse of the performances, you can check out the video below.

But please take note that the video is really shaky and loud (lots of screaming and sound boost), you may want to adjust your computer's volume first. 


Ahh! That concert was sure a lot of fun! Everyone was tired, that's for sure. From the organizers, the staff, the singers and the audience, but this concert is going to be remembered especially by those who came. 

They say Philippines is going to be filled by K-Pop this 2013! They even said everyone's going to learn how to speak in Korean because of the number of Korean shows that will be happening. Ooh, exciting! Next in line is 2PM. Many fans hope for an SM Town. But I honestly just wish for an INFINITE SOLO CONCERT!

Thank you for reading!

Did you go to the concert or did you want to attend but wasn't able to?

Which group is your bias? Tell us below!



PS : I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if the fan sites of Kpop groups also travel like their idols? Because I've seen photos from HoneyTree, YouMakeMe and WonderfulGeneration taken here in the Philippines at the DKFC. So, they also go to the country where their bias is? Anyone care to answer? Thank you! :)