Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bagoong Club Restaurant

For my 27th birthday, my high-school friends and I had a lunch date to celebrate my special day. Everytime we eat out (which is very rare because most of them have kids already) we make it sure to eat somewhere nice and unique. Last time we ate at a Korean resto, it was everyone's first time to try it so we were all excited. This time, we decided to go Filipino and try Bagoong Club.

Where to find it :
Bagoong Club is located at 112 Scout Dr. Lazcano, Sacred Heart, Quezon City, PH

Here is a map to help you find the place. Click the photo for larger resolution. 

My friend, Khaye, was the one who suggested the resto. She said she read some reviews and they all said the food is good. I also read some blog reviews and all I read were positive feedbacks so I was also excited!

The restaurant looks like the usual restos around QC area. Those ones that look like an old Spanish house that was transformed and renovated to become a family restaurant business.

I like how the place looks so cozy. It's like the feeling of going home every Summer to my grandparents house in Tarlac and the feeling of being excited to eat my lola's delicious food.

The place does look like a house, you know that probinsya vibe. I remember going to houses like this each time I accompanied my lola to her friend's houses when I was a kid. They would always have LOTS of photos on the wall, wooden chairs and wooden staircases. 

The photos on the walls are cut-outs from magazines or newspapers (features) and photos of celebrities that have also eaten there.

The ambiance is nice. But I noticed that the dining area is quite small. I wish they could make it bigger.

Time to order!
Did you notice how creative their food names are? My friends and I had fun choosing food because of the fun names!
They serve singkamas and 2 kinds of Bagoongs as appetizer. They gave us Umaga and Pag-ibig. Umaga was salty while Pag-ibig was sweet and spicy. Yes, that's how real pag-ibig(love) is! lol

I think I forgot to tell you that since the restaurant's name is Bagoong Club, you should expect that most, if not all, of their food have bagoong in it. (Bagoong=shrimp paste)
My friend was joking. She said she doesn't want to have UTI so I told her to drink coconut juice. She then ordered a glass of coconut shake. haha!
And then the food arrives! I like that the service was good. The employees were all polite. And they serve food quite fast. 
(Sorry for the quality of photos. They look really delicious but as you know, I am not good at handling my own camera. Their lights were yelllowish. I'm not good at manual settings hence the yellowish photos..)

Bagoong Rice - Php 153.00
Seafood Rice - Php 153.00

Kare-Kare Combination - Php 395.00
Salmon Belly Sinigang - Php 278.00

 Pusit Bopis - Php 310.00


Everything was finished in a snap! I don't know if it's proper to upload a photo of a dirty plate, but I'm doing it anyway. hehe

The food was really good! I say, if you are adventurous and tired of the usual food chains or restaurants, try Bagoong Club! You'll never be disappointed. The place is cozy, the food tastes amazing and the price is reasonable! 

For 6 people, we paid Php 1,534.99. Not bad considering our tummies were really full and happy.
My friends know how much I love photos. So before leaving the place, I force asked them to take photos. ^^

It was really a fun day. I'm glad I was able to celebrate my birthday with them again. 

I also recommend the restaurant. But you may want to be cautious of the time you go there. They are closed from 2pm-6pm so be sure you go there lunch time or dinner time.

Thank you for reading!