Monday, April 29, 2013

DIY Room Decorations

I really like those fancy rooms. You know, the ones we see on magazines or on blogs and on YouTube.. those carefully put together, well-thought of theme-inspired bedrooms. I'd love to go home everyday to that kind of bedroom! But who says we have to spend so much decorating our rooms and homes? Here are some DIY ideas that you'll surely love and have fun making! :)

Weaved Vase made from Recycled Water Bottle

Lucky Stars / Folded Paper Stars

What you need :

For the Water Bottle Vase, you will need a recycled water or soda plastic bottle. You may use the small 1.5 liter bottle or the bigger 6 liters bottle.

Now we will turn trash into something useful! This vase could be used to store your favorite items like nail polishes, make-ups, etc. You may also use a smaller bottle, fill it with pebbles then use it as brush holder. Also perfect as flower pots.

For the Folded Paper Stars, you'll need colorful papers. You may also use magazine pages, newspaper,etc. I saw some cute lucky stars made from music sheets! So cute!

Some stores sell the thin strip of paper that is really designed for lucky stars. I bet Korean stores have it! :) But if you don't have it, regular paper will do. You just need to cut long and thin strips.

Watch the tutorial here :

I really had fun making this tutorial! I hope you had fun watching it, too! :)

I have looots of nail polishes so one jar won't fit all of them. I shall do another vase and use two jars as colorful accents in my room
What are you planning to put in your vase? ^^

I heard that these lucky stars are also an Asian thing. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)
I read somewhere that if one was able to fold 1,000 stars then the person makes a wish, then that wish will come true! I don't know if I was able to fold 1,000. But does it count if people worked together to fold all the stars? lol. My friends in the office helped me cut, fold and pinch the stars because only the sky knows when I would be able to finish this amount of stars if they didn't help me. Thank you, friends! :)
We did this back in high-school in T.H.E. class. I suddenly miss my high-school friends and teachers. It's been 11 years since we graduated. I'm old!
I have these two pretty jars in my room and I just like to stare at them because they look like small candies!

I hope you like these ideas! If you know any more ideas or would like me to do more diy tutorials, then please leave your comments below!