Saturday, April 27, 2013

Korean Cultural Center (KCC) Korean Class + Graduation

These days, being multi-lingual is just so sexy. (lol.)

I've been self-studying Korean since 2010. Back then, the only reason why I studied was because I wanted to be able to communicate with my students better when they can't express themselves in English. Until later on, my motivations shifted. I then wanted to learn Korean because I hate multi-tasking while watching my favorite Korean drama. Now, I just want to be fluent in Korean for self-improvement. 

I realized though that going to a proper language school is so much better than self-studying. You do learn a lot when you self-study but it's better to start from the basic and hone the roots before polishing the bushes.

One of the best places to study Korean language here in the Philippines is the Korean Cultural Center or KCC.

The Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in the Philippines is the 20th Korean Cultural Center around the world and operates both under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines. The center is headed by Director Hwang Seong Eun, currectly the Counselor for Culture and Public Relations of the Embassy.

Location : Korean Cultural Center is located in 2nd floor, Mancor Corporate Center, along 32nd street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Right beside St. Luke's Medical Center, across Jollibee

Enrollment : KCC has 3 terms per year. 
3 hours per session, a total of 72 hours per term
I attended 1st term - January to April 2013.
2nd term is opening soon! Enrollment in May!
Please click here to know more about the enrollment process.

Tuition Fee : 1 term of Korean Langauge class costs P1,500
(Which I have to say is soooo cheap!!)
Before I found out about the KCC, I was searching for Korean schools, most of them costs around P10,000 for just a few sessions.

Your P1,500 will include 2 books, 1 textbook and 1 workbook.
The books don't even cost P1,500 because it's supposed to be worth more than it. I showed it to my Korean boss and he said those books are really expensive in Korea.

Going to a proper school is really better. I should have realized that the first time and should have just enrolled at a school back in 2010. If I did, I would have been really fluent by now. lol.

Our teacher is really good. I learned a lot from her, thank you Yoon Ha Gyung 선생님~
And she is also very fashionable, kind and pretty! ^^

I also made some friends and met new people. 

The only downside to going to school while working full time, like me, is the lack of time! For 3 months I had to endure 3 hours of sleep! I get home at 12 midnight. I blog, check e-mail and YouTube until 3 am and then off to snooze land. I wake up at 6 am, leave the house at 7 am. And then the hardest part comes, the MRT!! Unless you want to be late, you need to allot 1 and 1/2 hours just to fall in line at the MRT. Oh, I almost forgot, you are only allowed 3 absences for the whole term. 

So fast forward to April...

Yay! We are graduating!

The Korean language class teachers.

Three students per class will be awarded as the BEST STUDENTS for their excellence in performance in the Korean Language.

I was awarded TOP 3 among the students of E1-C class! Yay!

And here are the TOP 1 and TOP 2. :)

Some more photos with my classmates.

With my classmate, Marjorie and her son, Ji Yo-he's half Korean. :)

And last photo with Teacher Ha Gyung~

And of course, I won't go home without taking  a photo with my 'true' friends. lol
And notice how Top is photo-bombing the picture!

Last photo together!
Lol notice how it says Speech Contest instead of KCC Graduation. We didn't realize that we lined up for the wrong photo-booth only after the photo was taken.

I learned so much from KCC. My knowledge flew from 40% to 80% in just 3 months! 

To be honest, the waking-up early was the hardest part. But aside from that, I am really going to miss going to Ayala every Tuesday and Thursday morning. It felt so good to be a student again. 

저는 KCC에 정말 많이 학습했습니다~ 감사합니다!

If you are looking for a good Korean school with low tuition fee yet superb teaching standards, enroll at KKC! Enrollment for Term 2 2013 will be this coming May! Only a few slots per class so better hurry! :)