Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Patar Beach, Bolinao, Pangasinan

Part 3 of my Bolinao Trip series! Please read Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven't yet! :)

Bolinao is truly a beautiful place. I am so glad my office mates and I decided to go there. It's really nice to explore your own country first before planning to set off to other countries, don't you agree? 

So the next day, Sunday, we all agreed to wake up early because we only had until 12 noon to explore. Our check out time at the resort was at 12 and then 5-7 hours travel ahead of us so we had to squeeze everything in just a few hours.

Since I work at night time, I barely see the sunrise. I'm glad we woke up early. It's so beautiful! 

I told you there's a mini zoo in the resort. We saw this pretty(or handsome) peacock showing off early in the morning.

We had to travel some 20 minutes from the resort going to Patar beach. It's much more convenient to travel with car rather than commuting because you can just sit back rather than to worry hailing a cab, or in the Philippines' case, tricycle. hehe

And we're here! So beautiful!

Unlike some beach resorts in Bolinao, Patar is for free. So no need to worry about paying extra bucks.

You just need to rent a cottage for only P300 around $8. 

The whole team!

How I missed going to the beach! I know, there are lots of beaches in the Philippines and it's all for me to enjoy. But I don't know why it took me a long time before going to one again. I should go to beaches more often. I enjoy it more than pools and resorts.

Drawing a heart on the shore. Oops, don't let your heart be washed away by the water. :)

I love how the beach is for free. No entrance fee whatsoever. Considering that it's so beautiful! The sand is white and fine, the water is cool and clear and the whole place is just so awesome!

Monokini swimsuit from NafNaf. Flip-flops from Havaianas. Aviator shades from Mango. 
I wasn't afraid to be under the scorching sun because I found this amazing sun block. Freaking 130 SPF! Thanks to Dermplus for your amazing 130SPF. No tan line nor sunburn! :)

And how cute is this kid? He left foot prints on the sand. I found it artsy so I had to take a photo. lol

Bye guys! Time to plunge in the cool water!

I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me. Papa-paparazzi!

Swimming in the beach is fun....

until you get eaten by crazy waves! lol

Lol. This was supposed to be DAEKYO, our team name. But our cute photographer AJ failed to capture the letter D. Hmm. it's okay. Aekyo still means something, for the Koreans at least. Aekyo is like "to act cute". ^_^

Ah, I'm so glad my acne is over and now I can take photos of my bare face! Just last year, we also had Summer outing when my face was at it's worst! I couldn't take a photo of my face like this. God is really good. I prayed hard for my skin to be healed. :)

Some rock formation, and in the middle you see AJ. Our little tour guide slash photographer slash playmate. hehe

Come to think of it, I've never ridden a boat like this. I guess I'm just afraid it's too small so it might flip while I'm in it. Have you guys tried riding it?

After 2 hours, we had to leave the Beach as we were running late for 12 o'clock check-out time. I didn't want to leave the cool water! :(

A few group shots before leaving the place.

It's funny how my camera became so blurred in the middle. Someone must have touched it with sticky hands. lol at that. The subject is blurred rather than the background! I haven't caught the culprit, though. hehe. I just like this shot so I need to include this.

Going home, we passed by the Bolinao Lighthouse. Give it a try if you still have time. It's so close to Patar beach.

And then this beautiful old church. I forgot the name but it's really pretty. I love how Catholic churches in the rural areas are big and how they remind me of the old Spanish times.

When in North, don't forget to try their delicacies. Binugey from Pangasinan. And me and my mom's favorite from our town Tarlac, the Tinupig/Tupig! Yummy! Binungey is like suman (sticky rice) cooked in bamboo. While my favorite Tupig is also sticky rice with coconut strips but the twist to it is that it's grilled.

We left Bolinao at 2pm.... and guess what time we arrived Manila? Freaking 9pm! What a long drive. I feel bad for my self but I feel more bad for the driver. lol. I just sat back and slept while the driver was awake the whole time. (How can he sleep, we would be dead if he did! lol)

The trip was super fun, that's for sure! It was my first time in Bolinao and I have to say that the Philippines is truly beautiful! I am proud that I am from here. Though I hope people would preserve our natural resources... I really recommend travelling to the Philippines! :)

You know what they say, IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES! :)