Sunday, May 19, 2013

Japanese Nail Art Magazine

Hi guys! I always try my best to make my posts entertaining and informative so that I could help you, even in a small way. This time, I will ask you guys for help!

I went to Glambox Cosmetics studio launch last month. While their hairstylist was doing my hair, my friend showed me a Japanese magazine that was all about NAIL ART. 

You see, this magazine has everything I need to know and need to see about nail art. 

Look at the photos, just look!

I need this Japanese Nail Art Magazine!

My friend told me the magazine's name is Nail Design Collection. So, now I am asking for your help, my dear readers.


If you are a reader from Japan, could you help me find this magazine? If you happen to have this specific magazine, would you be kind enough to donate it to a needy person like me? Or we could trade stuff if you want. :)

Help me, please! Thanks! I love you in advance and I'll love you forever if you could help me. :)