Thursday, May 2, 2013

Throwback Thursday : Eat Bulaga Internship

Flashbacks and throwbacks are very popular these days. But instead of the usual "re-posting" of old articles and photos, I thought of sharing past stories of my life. Hope you like it! Tell me if this is a good idea. :)

So, Summer of 2008 (March) my college friends and I had to go through internship. Since my mom and I are big fans of Eat Bulaga, I urged them to try for the show.

If you don't know yet, Eat Bulaga is the longest-running noontime variety show here in the Philippines. The show first aired almost 34 years ago!

To tell you the truth, being an intern at Eat Bulaga was one of the highlights of my entire college life. I met lots of people and made new friends. We also gained experiences that we will need later on after graduating.

I went there with 4 of my college friends. At first they wanted to try for ABS-CBN but the slots were full so then we tried at E.B.

At that time, the show's popular segment was the Itaktak Mo. Here is a photo of me and my bff with the game's actual wheel.
*I look super dark in the photos because I went swimming right before the internship began. :)

We didn't have fixed schedule and they didn't require us to be there at a certain time, which was good. We just needed to complete a total of 300 hours. We usually arrive there around 10-11 am, just before the show's broadcast at 12 noon. 

The most exciting part next to the show was the lunch time at 3 pm! lol. We had to assist everyone during the broadcast so we could only eat after it. We would gather and eat lunch together with our new friends!
 There was this eatery right beside Broadway Studios... It was our only option then because food chains were far from the area. The food there was a bit pricey-for us students at least, and not to mention not too delicious. :/
We met new friends from UST and St. Paul.

These are my FEU friends. 1st and 5th friends went to the Writers department. 2nd friend went to the PA department and me and 3rd friend went to the Recording department.

The whole Recording Department intern family. 1 from UST and 2 from St. Paul. The guy in the middle is Kuya Angel, EB's staff.

Most of the people in the production team are young so we didn't have hard time working with them.

Of course, we saw a LOT of stars! Here are some photos.

Ugh, I look so dark. Remember guys, I went swimming. I went swimming! :)

This picture is one of my most treasured photos. The late Francis Magalona. May he rest in peace... but he was really handsome is person! I swear! Among all the actors and actresses I saw in my entire life, I was the most starstruck when I saw Francis Magalona.

We had difficulty finishing 300 hours, we struggled later on because it was already May but we still had a lot of hours to render. But we did it! Yay! It was a really fun experience!  If ever I decide to pursue being a media practitioner one day, I would want to work here at Eat Bulaga!

Thanks for reading! Share your story, too!