Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 Easy Designs using Nail Dotters / Dotting Tool

One of the essential tools in nail art is a dotter. It allows you to create perfect dots in an instant. But aside from the usual dots that it creates, I've thought of showing you other designs that you can do using nail dotters. 

Other designs :
  • Heart
  • Dripping Paint
  • Leopard Print
  • Flower
  • Overlapping Dots

Dotting Tools usually come in a set of 5, 2 dotters per stick. They come in different sizes to allow you to control the size of your drawing. 

WHERE TO GET IT : I got mine from  Please click here to purchase the nail dotters. Don't forget that you can use my discount code RABW10 to get 10% off your purchase! :)

PRICE : The set costs $4.74 (FREE SHIPPING for certain orders)


I decided to use just 3 polishes for all the nails. Here are the shades of the polishes:

Just because I painted all 5 designs on my nails doesn't mean you have to do the same. You can pick 1 design and paint the rest of your nails like it. Change the color, the size or even enhance my design. Dotting tools really allow us to be more creative with our nails! :)

Do you know any other design using nail dotters? Let me know so I can try it, too!

Oh, I also decided to use my logo as watermark instead of the usual text. Hands off to bloggers who watermark their photos using their logo because it takes more time... But at least, the photos are safe. :) What do you think?