Monday, September 16, 2013

Fairy Drops Volume Burst Mascara Review

One of my make up essentials is a good mascara. I don't really hoard mascaras, I just need a good one to last me for a couple of months. Glad I found a new brand!

Fairy Drops Volume Burst Mascara

Lol! I only noticed that the tube was upside-down when I was already editing the photo. I hope you guys don't mind. But to make your mascara last longer, store them properly! Never store them upside-down like how it is in the photo! :)

My friend introduced me to this mascara brand. I never knew Beauty Bar now has Japanese brands in their store. I'm not complaining, though! I'm actually happy they do now. I really love how Japanese take the time to develop their cosmetics, especially their eye products!

WHERE TO GET IT : Philippines - Beauty Bar Stores
Fairy Drops Store HERE

PRICE : Php 950 ~ $23

The tube is just like the usual plastic mascara tubes. The thing that I like is the drawing on the tube. 

The mascara wand is light-weight and easy to handle and control. And what sets this mascara apart from the other brands is the specially designed wand. It is a 3-ball-shaped applicator that allows the lashes to be coated in 2 ways. 

1.) The Curved Edges/Short Bristles coat lashes thinly therefore leaving it looking natural.
2.) The Longer Bristles coat the lashes more thus giving it fuller, volumized look.

3 STEPS to a more FABULOUS looking lashes!

Since I only speak, read and write Filipino, English and Korean, you will not guess how I was able to type those Japanese words in the photo. All thanks to Google Translate! Number 1 and 2 were easy since Google knows how to say them in Japanese. Fabulous, however, was not in Google Japanese's vocabulary. I had to copy paste all the characters one by one by finding each in different words. lol! Hmm, should I start studying Japanese language, too?

Anyway, here's a photo collage showing the transition of my lashes before and after applying the Fairy Drops Volume Burst Mascara :

Here's what I think :

  • Gives VOLUME to lashes
  • I noticed that my lashes also appeared longer (Length)
  • Really Waterproof 
  • Stays the whole day
  • Keeps the lashes up for a few hours (then you have to re-curl after 2-3 hours)
  • Gives lashes decent coat on the first application

  • Expensive
  • Not available in major shops and drugstore in the PH
  • Hard to remove (stayed on even after washing my face)
  • Sticky
  • Clumps easily (you have to coat your mascara fast!)
  • Doesn't hold the lashes up all day

Here's my final look!

I honestly liked the mascara and was amazed with it's voluminous and lengthening effect! I also liked that it stayed on even after I went to see some Kpop groups (Kpop event=Sweaty Event) and even after I had a facial session. But I didn't like that it's so hard to remove. I'm also not very amused with the price, I just think it's too pricey for a single tube!

But if you have the budget and if you want  a good mascara that will last the whole day, then you might want to give this mascara a try!

Thanks for reading!