Thursday, September 5, 2013


I've been wanting to try the hottest trend in hairstyling which is the hair chalk or hair chalking but I can't find soft pastel chalks here in the Philippines. Some online shops sell it but I've just never gotten around to actually purchasing it through the net.

Glad I was given a set of hair chalk and I was really excited to try it the moment I got it!

Here's how it looks: 

What you need :
A set of Soft Pastel Chalk or Hair Chalk. You can go ahead and find it on some online shops. I got mine from a web-based shop called
Click here for the link. :)

What is Soft Pastel Chalk?
It's is a kind of chalk that is really similar to oil pastel only the prior is softer and much more blendable compared to harder pastels. Chalk pastel is generally dusty just like a piece of chalk. It is very easy to work with however it requires a fixative, otherwise the painting will simply dust off.

Oil pastel IS NOT Soft Pastel Chalk!
Never be confused between the two as oil pastel is more sticky thus might damage your hair. I've also tried it and believe me, regular chalk available at bookstores do NOT work! :)

Watch the tutorial :

Some tips and reminders :

The Bureau of Food and Drugs has already warned the people regarding hair chalking. I guess there's nothing really bad about the chalk per se, but the problem comes when people start putting them on their body and hair. It may contain some ingredients that might harm your health, so always use it with care! Keep it away from your eyes, scalp and ears. 

Wetting the hair allows it to absorb pigment. That's why if the hair is dark or black, wetting it will be really helpful in absorbing the color. However, if your hair is blonde ot brown, skip the part because this may cause your hair to be dyed permanently. Unless of course if you want permanent purple highlights! :)

1. How long does it last? - The hair color is not permanent. It only stays for as long as you want it to. The moment you wash your hair, the color is going to be washed off as well.
2. Is it bad for the hair? - It is bad for the hair if you do it so often. I guess doing it once for a special day or event will not be ready bad. Just be sure to use a good conditioner after.
3. Isn't it bad to iron the hair while wet? - It is bad to iron the hair while wet. But in the video, I used a Wet Straight Pro Iron, an iron specially for ironing wet hair. It might still ruin my hair, though. So just don't imitate me. Do not iron wet hair.
4. Can I use regular blackboard chalk? - NO! Believe me, I tried it and was just disappointed! It does not work at all! :)

Doing this might cause your room to be really really messy! Just take a look at how my dirty my shirt and my hands are in the photo!

Now my hair is Pinterest-worthy! lol

Thanks for reading!