Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kpop Republic Concert (SHINee and Exo)

Yesterday, I told you I won the Etude House Concert Ticket Raffle Promo! I wasn't told if I won the SVIP concert ticket pass or press conference pass. So when I went to Araneta Coliseum today, it was like a surprise because I had no idea which event I was going to. I was hoping it was for the concert, though...

Whenever I go to K-pop events, almost 90% of the people I see are teens, mostly in high-school and college. Good thing I'm petite and look young so I can blend in. I met a couple of people at the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert.

Too tired to read? Watch the video! :)

Today, I also met some cutie-pie teen fans! Jasmine and Ashley! They are only 16 and 15 yet they traveled so far, alone, just to watch the concert.

Jasmine is a Minho fan, like me... That's why we were both very disappointed when we found out Minho was not going to be at the event due to conflict in schedule!! 
Minho, I hope you know that I only came to the event to see you. Been wanting to for the past 3 years. Damn schedule! :(

More than half of the people that came are EXO fans. You see how famous EXO is? This is my 2nd time to see them personally and EXO fans might dislike me but I am the least excited to see EXO in a show.. But I always see them! haha

So turns out, I won a pass for the Press Conference. Not bad anyway because I still get to see them. At least closer without all the pushing from behind, annoying banners of people in front and all. It was like like an intimate meeting so I'm also thankful!

So we were there at around 4 PM. As Etude House winners, we were allowed to pick whichever seat we like. I wanted to be close to the table so I picked a seat by the aisle.

Met some of the Etude House staff. Etude House's Marketing Office and Graphics Designer.

Our seat would've been perfect if not for the flock of fans and fan sites owners that flocked in front of us! So now Kpop fans, this is what your favorite K-pop fan site have to go through just to give you an hq photo of your favorite!


Met a pretty Korean photographer who sat beside me, Kim Se Hyun, a photographer from She told me not to upload the photo but...

After 2 hours of waiting, the groups finally arrived. I did not take a photo of the first group and of Dal SHabet because they said photo was not allowed so I did not want to risk because dragged outside without even seeing SHINee!


Sad that only K came. I'm not a fan of EXO. I only know 2 members : Kris and Kai. 

Just like BAP, I get confused when a group that I don't know dyes all their hair in blonde. It makes me more confused! Who is who? 

I told you, I only know KAI since he looks like Taemin. I wanted to take a photo of Kai so I took one. When I zoomed in the name plate, it was another person! 

And then the group that I used to really like... SHINee! :)

Really too bad that Minho did not come!! 

I like all of the members. I thought I was going to be star-strucked to see Onew or Taemin... But I was surprised how handsome and flawless Key is in person! Even Jonghyun caught my attention! 

Leader and Maknae.


Each group talked to us for about 15 minutes. Before the press con, I told myself I was just going to buy a ticket using my own money since seeing them up close in the press con is already a good gift. But after it, I contemplated whether I should splurge or not. I know I was not going to get the most out of my money since basing from my experience  each group is just going to perform about 5 songs and then leave. It's really not enough to pay for an expensive ticket for just a 5-song performance. 

I spent a few minutes walking around the area, trying to feel the atmosphere of the event. Should I go? Should I not? Decisions decisions... I bumped into 3 of my friends who are into K-pop : Megi, Minnie and Danica. Lol. Birds of the same feather really do flock together!

I ended up not watching the concert because one of the friends I bumped into confirmed to me that Infinite's going back here on November 3 for their One Great Step World Tour! So I wanted to save money for VIP ticket of my favorite group! 

But I just went ahead and took some proof shots that I was at the Kpop Republic Concert.

I ended the night with a lonely yet yummy cup of DQ ice cream!

I'm really thankful to Etude House Philippines for the Press Conference Pass! :)

Also, they just confirmed at the end of the concert that the Infinite concert rumor is indeed true! Ah that's why Infinite songs were playing at the venue the entire time!
Damn, Woollin and Mr. CEO, why did you have to make me sad when you first announced that Manila was not included in the 2013 list when in fact the boys will actually come here?! lol.

Another Kpop concert post coming up in November! :)

Thanks for reading! 

ps : Sorry for this annoying long post if you are not a Kpop fan!