Sunday, October 20, 2013

INFINITE One Great Step Manila

After the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert last January 2013, I immediately wished for a solo Infinite concert here in the Philippines. If you are a fan of any group or singer, you will know that a 30 minute performance is not enough, it will never be. I even asked Ms. Happee Sy if she could organize another Infinite concert here...though I doubt Ms. Happee read that blog post. I guess I just wished it upon the stars and then somehow the universe heard me and granted my wish!

Here it is, only a few days to go before the Infinite One Great Step in Manila!

If you're a fan of them, then you already know that Manila was not included in the first list of their concert destinations... Fans were devastated until this rumor went out : click here. Sunggyu apparently talked to a Filipina fan at the Incheon airport. When she asked Sunggyu if they were coming here, he apparently answered "'s not announced yet."

Now that everything is final and only a few more days before the big day, I'm happy to see Smart Araneta Coliseum doing their best as Inspirits in promoting the concert.. Here is the huge tarpaulin hanging on Araneta Coliseum's parking building in Cubao.

I already have my ticket to the concert! My friend and I settled for a lower box front row seats. I was so traumatized because of my DKFC experience so I promised myself the next time I watch a concert, it's gonna be seated VIP! :)

See you at the concert! If you will go to the concert as well, leave a comment below so we can organize a quick meet up around the Smart Araneta Coliseum! 

INFINITE's One Great Step Manila happening on November 3, 2012, 
7PM at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Ticket Prices :

Patron Standing - P9,010
Lower Box - (Reserved Seating) - P9,010
Upper Box A(Premier) - P5,725
Upper Box A(Regular) - P4,455
Upper Box B(Premier) - P2,460
Upper Box B(Regular) - P1,910

Tickets are available at Ticketnet.
Available through Ticketnet outlets and at
Call 911-5555 for more inquiries

* * *

Ovation Productions, Focus Media, Smart Araneta Coliseum, Smart, Live Nation, Ticketnet Online, Manila Concert Scene, MYX, Asiana Airlines, Woollim label... anyone  reading this blog... I have another wish. :)

Please take me to the Infinite One Great Step Press Conference. Please send me as a PR personnel to cover the event to be posted on my blog. I could also go to the Press Conference to represent your company or brand... I promise that I will forever be grateful to you and to your company! Thank you so much! :)