Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Subspace Coffee and Don Day Korean Restaurant

My friend and I have been craving for Korean food since mid-November. The Korean restaurants around our area, though, are quite pricey. So we decided to go to Don Day Restaurant instead. Since I was also craving for some Subspace drinks, we also headed to our favorite K-pop inspired cafe. This is what I call as "man versus food" day. 

It's been exactly a month since the OGS Manila. How fast time flies. I still haven't fully moved on, that's why my OGS countdown timer is still on the upper right side of this blog. (If you're reading this post and don't find it there anymore, it means I have finally moved on. lol) So since we were heading to Subspace Coffee in Ortigas, I asked my friend if we could drop by at Cronwe Plaza Hotel as well. 

This hallway is so special. Maybe not to the hotel guests and employees... But to us Infinite fans, it is. click this. :)

The exact area where I was at when Infinite's vans arrived at the hotel. I could've missed their arrival. Thank goodness, I didn't.

Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree!

I want to say more. But I might make non-fans cringe with all the fan-girling! lol. If you want to read the OGS Manila blog, please click here.

We then headed to Subspace Coffee House located 2 blocks away from the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It was a short walk, really!

Looks like I'm on my way home. But we were just about to head inside the cafe when we took the photo. And I look fat, not true! More ootd's here. :)

Finally back to my favorite cafe! I have already posted a Subspace Coffee blog, please click here.

As always, the place was tiny yet very welcoming. The owner was even there, he took my order. No wonder his employees are all jolly and nice, he himself is also nice. :)

I saw this Berry Merry Drink on Subspace's Facebook. Looks so yummy!

Guess what? It really is yummy! So good!! Each cup costs Php 170. Quite pricey but the taste is really awesome! So yummy, I want to go get some now! (But Subspace is like a 20 minute walk away from my office... So...)

My friend got the Berry-B (Blueberry), I got the Berry-S (Strawberry).

Both super yummy and the whipped cream is heaven! But I find the Berry-S a little bit too sweet. Next time, I might ask the barista to lessen the sugar to 80%. The Berry-B is super smooth and creamy, though there is a little "lipstick" aftertaste. Is it weird? 

So I asked my friend how celebs do coffee commercials. Like they would be sipping their drink but smiling at the same time... I tried it but I failed completely as I looked like a duck! haha

On our way to Don Day Restaurant now. 

After 30 minutes of traveling and walking, we finally arrived at Don Day.

2 branches of Don Day Korean Restaurants :
  • Don Day Restaurant, Teachers Village, QC
  • Don Day Restaurant, Sunshine Blvd, Quezon Avenue

I've already been to their Teachers Village branch, please click here.

Don Day Korean Restaurant, Quezon Avenue branch

There are pros and cons to every branch. They branch in Teacher's Village is an open area, so you won't smell like a freakin' barbecue after. But if you go in the afternoon, it's gonna be so hot! The Quezon Avenue branch is air-conditioned but your eyes might get teary while inside as the smoke just floats inside making you smell like samgyupsal, too.

Anyway, here are the prices : ( They also added 12% VAT now)

Korean Buffet!

We ordered the Php355 set which includes all-you-can-eat Korean food plus Samgyupsal. 

The last time I went to Don Day, I went back to the buffet table 4 times. I guess I was really hungry then. I only went back twice this night, plus a few more trips to get more fruits and samgyupsal leaves! 

Our table!

I always order the Samgyupsal set. Next time, I'll try the Beef set!

Still, Samgyupsal is yummy!



Tip : If you're eating samgyuupsal, never turn the pork over and over. Just turn it once the side is done, then take it off the fire once both sides are done. Doing so will keep the pork tender and yeah, a Korean taught me that so let's just abide, shall we?! haha

잘 먹겠습니다~

We arrived Don Day at 6 PM, we finished stuffing food in our stomach at 9 PM! haha Our table after eating!

I also like that the owners of the restaurant is so much hands-on. They guide each customer and even visit each table to check if every customer is satisfied with their food. 

We're not sure but my friend suspects that the Filipino ahjussi is the Korean ahjumma's husband. After eating for 3 hours, he bid farewell to us by the door. Before heading out, he was handing me something, I thought it was a piece of gum... but he gave us chocolate! 

As always, Korean food is our comfort food. I was so full that I couldn't even walk, we had to stay outside the restaurant for 20 minutes just so we could fight the urge of wanting to sleep (sleep where? lol!) than moving a single muscle to go home. 

Do you like Korean music and food as well? Visit the 2 places and you'll surely have fun, too!