Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meet and Greet, BDJ Beauty Social & Birthday Celebration #2

Here it is! I'm finally blogging about what happened last Sunday at our Meet and Greet! So I tried to hit 3 birds with 1 stone that day by gathering my blog readers and my personal friends and taking them all to the BDJ Beauty Social at SM Aura. BDJ sent me an e-mail telling me I could bring 5 more people to the Beauty Social so that's how I thought of doing the meet and greet. :)

Prior to the event, I researched a place where we could stay for a few hours to bond. I saw this crepe shop called Mother's Crepe and Cafe so I decided to just set it as our meeting place.

I was excited to try their crepes! But I didn't expect the place to be really tiny. hehe. There were only 7 chairs - 3 regular chairs and 4 high ones.

We met at 2PM and the attendees were all in time! Haha. They did get a little lost, though. Because the cafe was on the 4th floor but I thought it was on the 5th so I asked them all to go to 5th floor. hehe Sorry, guys! :)

Never have I imagined that people would actually want to see me and meet me in person. I mean, I see my friends and co-workers everyday...some of them even ignore me (lol) so why would other people want to meet me? But you guys actually want to meet me in person, I was really overwhelmed! And look, we even have a little princess with us. The baby of the event, Sophia!

So we ordered some crepes; they were delicious!

Yum! I ordered Mango-Nutella and it was soooo delicious! I love Nutella!

As a token of appreciation, I handed them a simple "loot-bag". This is my birthday, right? So, loots bags are a must!

The attendees are all long-time blog readers and YouTube subscribers. Believe it or not, I actually remember subscribers and readers that comment often. :)

Luisa and her friend, Lyle.

Helen and Belle.

Baby Sophia and Mommy Jenny.

We stayed at the cafe for more than 2 hours talking and talking. I tried my best not to make any of them feel awkward. (I hope I did, girls! hehe) We talked about a LOT of stuff! I enjoyed talking with them! Though we're all in different age brackets, we all have one common interest : BEAUTY! So we talked about that, a lot! :) We also injected a few Kpops here and there. 

Around 4PM, Luisa and her friend, Lyle, had to leave.. (ehem, stalk Lee Min Ho? ehem) hehe so Helen, Belle, Jen and I headed tot he BDJ Beauty Social happening at the Samsung Hall of Sm Aura.

When we got there, the event was almost finished. But there were still a lot of pretty girls inside the hall. We were actually late and was not able to attend the Shiseido beauty talk that we were supposed to attend. Haha.

It's all good, though, because we still got our loot bags from BDJ!

There were plenty of make-up booths in the hall. They gave out freebies and prizes. Some of them even had games and surprises. I also saw few that offer free use/trial of their items/makeup.

I was the most interested with this brand because of the cute Japanese packaging! hehe

Oh, I also met some blog readers / bloggers. I was so embarrassed because they had to see me when my skin broke out again! Just last Friday my skin was clear but to my horror, I woke up the next day with ugly bumps and spots. Ahh, y u no cooperate with me, skin?! 

I met Juvy! She already told me she was going to the event. And I was surprised that we actually bumped into each other. hehe

And these two pretty ladies (I forgot your names, I'm sorry!) that told me they also read my blog. hehe They even noticed my nails! Thank you girls, you are so pretty!

And then, I also met Mika! :)

The event ended around 6PM so I parted ways with Belle, Helen and Jenny. 

Oh, I forgot to mention that I also invited 2 of my high-school friends to the BDJ event. And our other friend got invited by another blogger. So we were also able to attend the BDJ Beauty Social together. 

After that, we walked the whole Bonifacio High Street trying to look for a unique restaurant! My friends and I are food lovers so we always want to dine somewhere unique when we go out. You can't blame us because we only see each other 2 or 3 times a year. haha

We walked and walked and when we got to the end of the street, we felt so hungry and tired. Not to mention that my friend, Khaye, is pregnant. So we had to settle to the last restaurant possible: Nolita.

Their menu was okay... Pizza, burger and pasta.

But a little pricey, in my opinion. Especially for just a single slice.

But it's okay, though. Because we are together. When we were in high-school, there used to be like 10 (or more) members... But these days, only the 4 of us see each other often.

Oh, their pizzas were fine... But nothing too heavenly for a Php250-per-slice price.

We also ordered their Buffalo wings, but it was also just normal. hehe. 

We don't always go to this area because it's far from our home. So we tried to make the most out of it by walking around the area. There were lots of dogs, cute dogs! haha. There was even a really cute dog walked by a cute owner. And dogs are great ice-breakers so I went ahead and talked to the owner about his dog. haha. But I think he's young, around 25... My mom told me now that I am 28, I must start looking at men in their 30's. lol.

My nurse friend and my pregnant friend were getting tired so we went home at 10PM. 

I got home really, really tired and I don't know why I felt so dehydrated that I was able to drink 3 glasses of water when I got home. 

Anyway, here are some of our photos from the event :

And loot bags! The right bag is a gift from Jenny. Middle is from BDJ. And to the right is a gift from Luisa! THANK YOU! I liked everything that you gave me! :)

It was a really, really fun day! Simple but super fun!! On my way home, I wondered why I didn't do stuff like this on my previous birthdays. I remember my birthday in 2013, I was just at home filming videos. haha. 

Thank you to my readers, Luisa, Jenny, Helen and Belle for going out of your way to get to our meet and greet venue! I hope you enjoyed it and you were able to get to know the real me. :)

Thanks also to my friends for forcing yourselves to go out though I know Sunday is the only day you get to rest.

And! Thank you for always reading my blog. I hope to meet you, too! Ahh, why is this post so long? hehe

Until next time!