Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mr. Parks Bread and Cake

My friend and I were craving for Patbingsu (팥빙수 / Red beans on shaved ice). Then I remembered I have been wanting to go to Mr. Parks for the longest time! So we decided to check out the place one Wednesday morning. 

Location : Ground Flr, Eton Emerald Loft (at F Ortigas Jr Rd & Garnet Rd), 1605 Pasig City, Pasig

If you found that address a bit confusing, here is a map! Just remember that it's a few blocks away from Robinson's Galleria. If you know Subspace Coffee, go and stand in front of that cafe, look to your left and you'll definitely see Mr. Parks!

If you are hungry as a bear then I don't suggest going to Mr. Parks. Go here after you've had your full meal. This cafe is perfect for desserts or if you're just craving for some sweets, like we were! Here's the menu.

I really love Korean-inspired cafes and restaurants because they have the coziest and unique concepts! My friend even asked me how Koreans come up with their ideas. Lol. To be honest, I don't know either! But Mr. Parks is definitely not your typical bread shop. It's a bread heaven!

And what's more, their breads aren't very pricey! 

And, and! I love their staff! They are super friendly and warm! Restaurants with kind staff always leave a good impression on me and they are one of the factors that make me want to go back to a place. Seriously, like how difficult is it to be kind to your customers? Mr. Park's staff definitely know it's easy!

And have I mentioned about their cakes yet? Ahhhhh...

Will someone please buy me one of these cakes for my birthday? hehe ^___^

I forgot the exact price but each cakes costs around Php500 each. Decent price for such a delectable cake!

The place is also nice to sit back, relax and enjoy your bread! They also play Korean songs. But no K-pop! lol. They play some mellow and ballad songs. I wanted to request for some Infinite and Exo, but I got afraid they might kick me out. Hah! (Subspace, though, accepts Kpop requests! It's just across Mr. Parks so go there if you want some Kpop!)

Here's what we ordered!

Took us about 15 minutes to go around, taste each bread, ask the lady what the bread is called and what's it made of... then we ended up getting just these few ones! 잘 먹겠습니다~
Oh yeah, I haven't mentioned that they have free-taste for some of their breads. I tasted 6 variants and they were all freaking good! I wanted to buy them all! 

What we came here for! Pat to the Bing to the Su! I bet Koreans in Korea now can't eat this as it's still Winter there. But here in Manila, we get to enjoy this all year round! Hah! Perks of living in a tropical country!

The taste was heavenly! My friend and I stopped at each bite, looked at each other and uttered words of satisfaction. Haha! It was that delicious! And for Php160, you get a big bowl that's good enough for 2 people to share!

Though, the red beans gave us an "umay" factor because it was too much. (Now we are complaining that they put too much. Irony.) But it was really good! I don't suggest ordering this alone, though. As that will not only make you look lonely in the eyes of other customers but you won't be able to finish the entire bowl! Eat with a friend, your mom or your boyfriend! :)

We also bought one of their best-sellers to take home to our families.  
The Mammoth!

Last photo!

Have a taste of their yummy breads when you have the time! Super yummy!