Monday, May 26, 2014

We're Back!

And we are sooo back!

I can't believe that it's only been 6 days since our blog went to galaxy. It felt almost like forever. I tell my friends that I feel paralyzed without this blog. I live on a routine these days. I work from 2 pm to 11 pm then I get home at around 12 midnight. I then feed myself and then feed my dog and then go up to my room, then another "work" starts. That's the time I edit videos and create blog posts. But during those 6 days, I go home and go up to my room and feel like I need to do something... but I can't. Because I do not have a blog to post it on. 

So, what happened? 
To remove '.blogspot' from the URL, I registered on a domain host website. It's actually very cheap, just $10 per year. But I was so caught up with things that I forgot to check my other e-mail (the one I used to register the domain). Then one day, I just found out my blog was not working anymore! It turned out, I forgot to renew the contract/payment with the domain host for this year! Yikes! Lesson learned here. 

I am so thankful to some people that helped me a lot. Mike from Google's esupport who's been so patient. And my high-school friend, Jason, who helped me find out what the problem was and also helped me reconnect this blog to it's domain.

While we were gone, a lot of you guys sent me messages on Facebook and Instagram. And some of my friends asked me what happened to my blog. I know I should have felt bad then, but instead I felt... good! Good because I realized that people actually read my blog! I thought I was just alone here, talking to myself... (lol)

Anyway, we are back and we are going to keep going!

More product reviews, acne posts, beauty related and fashion posts coming soon!