Wednesday, July 23, 2014

No Surgery Lip Enhancer Review

*This product review may get divided reactions so let me start by saying that I am very much confident with what I am, how I look and my natural physical appearance. Else, why would I even post photos of my face with terrible acne and imperfections? This post is just merely a product review showing the product and the results after using it. :)

So, have you ever wondered how it feels to have Angelina Jolie or even Nicki Minaj's lips? If you are a Pinoy, perhaps Anne Curtis'? You could stop wondering now because I'll introduce a product that promotes fuller lips in seconds!

These are natural lip enhancer tubes from a website called

The tubes promote blood circulation therefore making lips appear fuller. 

Where to get it :

Price per tube : Please click this link for the complete list of prices

Watch the video for the demonstration :

If you did watch the video, I hope you just ignored my pimples. (Well, now that I mentioned, I guess it just made you notice them even more. lol) I am actually on my "period" week so the little ones are just popping on my face. It also caused my skin to easily turn pinkish-red even with just little friction. (Does that also happen to you when you are on your period?)

The lip enhancers come in 3 sizes to fit your natural lip size :


Here's a guide to help you pick the right size

Here's how my lips look BEFORE using the lip enhancer...

And here's the AFTER photo!

It may look like I just got out of the PS clinic... But the thing is I took the photo right after putting the tube on my lips. I found out that the lips will look natural after a few minutes. 

Here are some answer to questions you could be asking now:

1.) Are you trying to look like Rihanna?
-I AM NOT. :)

2.) Isn't it dangerous?
-According to Fullips, lip cupping has been around for yours and years. It is a known method to increase the circulation of blood therefore making the lips bigger and fuller. They also said that they've been around for about 10 years now without any issues from the users.

3.) Are there any side effects?
-I just noticed that it made the area around the lip a bit reddish. Plus it kind of hurt when you use a hard suction. I guess the key here is to gradually use the product. 

They always remind users to use a light suction and to keep the tube on for about 15 seconds and then pull it off. Many yet short uses is better than a one time yet longer use because you get the power to adjust to the tube and also to prevent your lips from looking like they are going to pop because if too much fullness.

I like this product and I think it's such a great invention. But if you will use it, please use it with care and suck at your own risk.(hehe)

Here's a final photo. I swear to you that I am not even pouting in the AFTER photo.