Friday, September 12, 2014

Back Home

It's kind of sad that I promised you guys that I would be back with a lot of ootds from Hong Kong. But now I have none because my luggage was lost by Cebu Pacific. It's really a huge hassle that my work was deeply affected because of it.

Anyway, a few days after I got back home, I was invited to a friend's son's christening. My friend, Flora, who takes my photos these days told me to wear something appropriate for the occasion. Here's what I came up with.

I really enjoyed the trip but I got really dark because of all the walking, especially in Disneyland. I don't have fair skin to begin with so you could only imagine how dark I am now in real life! I think I got 10 shades darker. The area that were covered by the watch and the sandal straps have very obvious tan lines, that's how dark I got. hehe

My point is that, no matter what I wear these days, I still look so dark. So I thought that the best thing is to wear clothes in light colors.

Just like this white lace top that I got from It's also perfect that it has long sleeves so the tan lines aren't visible. 

And this skirt in a really cool color from

Lace Top :
Organza Skirt :
Necklace :

What do you think of this outfit?


Thanks to Flora for the photos!