Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hong Kong Trip Collective Haul! ♡

I hope you're not sick of my recent travel posts yet. Here is a short video showing you guys the things I got from Hong Kong. As you know, Cebu Pacific lost and failed to locate my luggage. So aside from not having anything to wear, I also had to keep in mind that I won't have any bags to use for when I go back home. So I had to contain myself from buying a lot. Kind of regretful because there were a lot of nice things that I saw. 

Anyway, here is the HAUL video! 

We went to three places to shop : Temple Street Market, Ladies Market and Sham Shui Po market. In terms of prices and finds, Ladies Market is the go-to place because they sell variety of items. Most of the things they sell are clothes and souvenir items. But if you are after saving some bucks, then you should go to Sham Shui Po Market. The price is definitely cheaper. I just found it weird that there were fewer clothes stalls. I was just lucky to find 2 stores that sell some good ones. But the rest were stuff that are not clothes.

I didn't buy anything that I know are available here in the Philippines already. Like Forever 21, Cotton On, Zara and other branded stuff. I could buy all those here so I didn't bother getting any. 

As for my check in luggage going back home, I used this :

Nice, very nice! Expensive luggage got nothing on that box! Plus the plastic straw! hehe

I hope you enjoyed this haul video!