Saturday, October 11, 2014

Disneyland! ❤

(Hello! This is post is going to be long, text-heavy and photo-heavy.)

Finally blogging about one of the highlights of our recent Hong Kong trip! 

I always encourage few of my friends to watch Korean dramas. Some of them have this weird attitude of not watching the last 2 (or so) episodes of a drama. When I asked them, they said they don't want the feeling of "ending something" so they'd just rather have the memory of it to them rather than finishing it and labeling it as "ended". I guess that's how I feel about this blog post. When I finally click that orange publish button, it also means that my trip is now a has been.

But we gotta do what we have to do, don't we? I'm wishing to have another chance to visit Hong Kong so that gives me at least something to look forward to.

So, we were supposed to go to Disneyland on our second day. But because I didn't have anything to wear, we had to redo our itinerary. We ended up going to Disneyland on the last day. 

Hong Kong trains and subways are sooo efficient! You may need to do a loot of walking but at least, you will get to your destination in just a short time and the trains are reliable and safe. (ehem, unlike what's happening to our MRT.)

Don't you just wish you could take a Mickey train to work or to the mall everyday? I do! 

If I remember correctly, we transferred trains 3 times from our guesthouse to Disneyland. We paid almost $20 HKD but we got there in just 15 minutes!

The train is just so, so cute!

One more thing that I love Hong Kong is that they really know that they have a lot of foreign visitors every single day. They won't judge you even if you take a selfie in the middle of the train. They let visitors enjoy their country to the fullest and take as many selfies as they want. Just don't use a selfie stick/monopod. That's out of the question. hehe

Finally arrived Disneyland! We got there early. The park opens at 10 AM but we got there at 9! Hehe. Talk about being excited!

But we got to take pictures in front of the sign with minimal photo bombers, so that's still nice!

But I gotta let you know that it was scorching hot that day! I am from a tropical country and we don't even experience Spring, Fall or Winter so I shouldn't be complaining about the heat. But it was sooo hot that day! The 9 AM sunshine which wasn't supposed to hurt yet already burn like no end. I had to re apply my sunscreen in the middle of the people in line. hehe

Excited to see Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the gang!
We got out Disneyland tickets from our guest house, Golden Crown Guest House. The ticket originally costs HKD $450 for adults but we got $40 discount, thanks to them!

Doesn't matter who you are. Rich or poor, young or old, man or woman, when you go to Disneyland, you really go back to being a kid at heart!

When we finally got in, the first thing that we did was to fall in line (under the burning 10 AM sun) so we could have our photo taken with this cute couple! hehe
I've always wanted to have my photo with them in this gazebo! When we were there, my friend and I agreed that everything felt so surreal. We only saw pictures like this on blogs and magazines, but that day we were finally there! Dreams seem so big when you are just dreaming of it, but when it finally happens, you realize that there's really no such thing as a "big" dream. Everything is possible and achievable if you just work hard for it and believe that it will happen.

You see, going to Disneyland may be common for some of you, dear readers. But for an employee from a third-world country like us, going to Disneyland really is a big deal. :)

I can't tell you enough how happy we were that day! We were awing, squealing and smiling because of all the things that we were seeing! I mean, wouldn't you, too?

After that, we went to the souvenir shop because my friend's sister asked her to buy a huge Mickey Mouse stuffed-toy for her kid. She bought a huge one for HKD $300. I was expecting dolls would cost around $500 but it was actually affordable.

However, some things are not. Like these hats and the head bands that cost HKD $150. Like, no way.

The hats are adorable, though!

Our first attraction was the Golden Mickeys! Ah, I love Golden Mickeys!

Almost all of the Disney characters came to life just to sing and dance in front of you! 

Just a short story, though. Before the show started, there were 2 Chinese men that fought - in front of the hundred kids inside the theater. They screamed at each other so loud that the theater came to silence for a few minutes. Funny part? They were sitting next to each other, as in rubbing elbows. One guy was so furious. He was yelling and seemed like he was about to punch the other dude. While he (the calmer guy) just sat there, shrugged his shoulders and pretended he didn't hear anything. It was just weird because both of them came with their wives and kids... and they had to do that in front of the kids.. at a place where everyone's supposed to be happy. hehe

There's no way you should be in a bad mood while in Disneyland. No one should be angry, not even frowning, in Disneyland. hehe

If you are getting too tired to read or if you think that I'm just talking too much, then simply play the video below! :)

After that, we went to It's A Small World! This one is also too cute!

"Kay liit lang ng mundo. Kay liit lang ng mundo."

Or maybe I'm getting a bit forgetful. Maybe the first attraction that we went to was the SPACE MOUNTAIN and I just forgot about it. Or was it the third? Ahh, my memory... Anyway, Space Mountain was a short but fun ride. One of my followers on Instagram suggested it. I just don't remember the name, though. Was it you?

The Flights of Fantasy parade starts at 3 PM. Being first timers, we wanted to secure a nice spot so we went to the parade area at 2:30 PM. Wrong decision, though. We got really, really dark!
I took the photos when I got back home. How do you like my sexy tan lines?! hehe

But watching the parade was worth it. :)

Let's take a moment to adore how ridiculously photogenic Woody looks in this picture!

The kids really had fun! The parade performers surely know how to make the kids happy! They smile and wave at every kid they see. Plus, they take children to participate in the parade. 

Food in Disneyland is expensive, plus there aren't a lot of choices. They have some fancy restaurants that sell a platter of food for HKD $150. Too pricey, if you ask me.

This waffle is pricey, too, at HDK $50 each. But it's too cute to miss!

I don't get why people would get scared of birds. But when we were eating, flocks of birds came by to ask for crumbs. I gave them some... but people on the other tables were too scared. 

My favorite part was the TOY STORY LAND! This is an Asia-exclusive which means you can't see this in any other Disneyland.

We also rode the GRIZZLY GULCH. It was also short but very thrilling.

It's so nice to be able to capture HAPPINESS in photos!

The last attraction was the DISNEY IN THE STARS.

The fireworks starts at 7 PM. The park is wide for everyone but we got there 15 minutes early just to be sure we could secure a nice spot. We sat close to Sleeping Beauty's Castle. But I realized it's better if you sit at the far back so you could see the entire show. 

Here's a video my friend took. I think it was wrong that we zoomed in the camera, though. 

The fireworks display also means the closing of the park. Hong Kong Disneyland is smaller compared to other Disneyland parks. But still, we weren't able to fully enjoy all the corners and attractions. I'd surely want to go back!

We were really exhausted but we had so much fun! Now we could cross out Disneyland in our bucket list! Yay!

It was our last night and we were supposed to be at the airport at 4 AM. So needless to say, we only had a just few hours more. Because I didn't have a luggage, I had to ask the mister at the subway to give me a box to use. Then we went to Temple Street because my friend still had to buy some stuff for her mom. We passed by this chicken shop along Nathan Road. And oh boy, the chicken was so delicious! Too bad we discovered it on the last night! 

My last meal in Hong Kong! Everything is expensive when you convert HKD to PHP. Like, a can of soda would cost $10 or something. But in this chicken store, we found Sprite that only costs HKD $3!! That's just the same price of Sprite in can in the Philippines. I've also been wanting to try the McDonald's Apple pie a-la mode. Hot and crispy apple pie dipped in Strawberry sundae! Heaven! Costs HKD $10! The Chicken wings cost HKD $11 each.

LIKES and OBSERVATIONS of the day :
-There was not a single "manyakis" person that we encountered. People don't care what you wear. I was wearing cropped top even to the street market. Wish I could do that here!
-Even the elders still work in Hong Kong,and they seem like they still enjoy it

Kowloon at 4 AM.

I was a little sad that I was leaving Hong Kong airport and bitter that I was riding Cebu Pacific again. So, I took a photo. hehe. I looked so sleepless, though. I was!

I made sure to keep an eye where my "box" was going. I made sure it made inside the plane this time!

Welcome back to Manila! hehe

We got back to Manila at around 10:30 AM. But I only got to leave the airport past 12 noon because my parents and I went straight to Cebu Pacific's office to report my luggage that they lost.

It was a very fun trip. I'm glad I chose Hong Kong as my first travel destination! 

Thank you for reading this post and for following our Hong Kong trip! I hope I could travel again so I could blog more places and experiences! SG or Korea next? hehe

How about you? What's your favorite travel destination?