Monday, November 3, 2014

Girl Talk : Internet Haters and Cyber Bullying

I was afraid this topic would drain you guys out since I have already shared quite a number of personal stories just this week. As I told you, the last thing that I want you guys to feel from this blog is negative energy But I guess it was spur-of-the-moment as I decided to film the video right there and then. It was funny, though, that my mom was heading up to their room when she saw me suddenly applying eyeliner at 1AM. She must have thought I was going out. I was in my pajamas, though? hehe 

So I was getting ready for bed when I checked my email and I saw these comments on one of my videos:

Internet haters and cyber bullying is not an isolated case. I understand that it's so easy to pick on someone on the net because true identity is hidden. I guess, some people find pleasure in releasing their stress and frustrations by picking on other people. I do admit that I am a very sensitive person. My real-life friends that are reading this blog post are probably smiling right now, because they know it's true. (hehe) But, one can not be weak and sensitive on the net. I've had my fair share of random haters and non-subscribers that have said awful stuff about me...but I guess this person's comments were the last few strands. I just snapped! I knew that I had to do something, or at least say something. I am 100% against bullying.

Please click the video to find out the whole story. This video is longer than our usual videos but I hope you watch until the end. :)

Have you guys heard of the quote "Never explain yourself to anyone. Your real friends don't need it and your haters won't believe it anyway."? It pains me that I have to explain to some random people why I have ugly hands, or why I have ugly skin. I have ugly hands because I wasn't born with silver spoon in mouth. I wasn't born fortunate enough to have helpers in the house. I had to move around and work to survive. I have ugly skin because I suffered from severe acne. The skin you are calling ugly now is already a miracle that I consider; something that I'll be thankful for forever. Here is a photo of the skin I used to have...
It also scares me to look at that picture. That's why it always hurts me when people have to pick on me for something that I didn't want to happen in the first place. 
I used to have clear skin. But back then, I was shallow. We could say I was also one of the people that laughed with my friends when they criticized someone because of their looks. But when this acne happened to me, I learned that picking on someone just because of their looks is not a very pleasant trait to have. I learned to be humble, I learned how not to be materialistic, I learned who my real friends were... I learned a lot. When I learned the lessons I had to learn, my acne banished. And that is why I am thankful for the skin that I have today. It may still look awful but that's the fruit of my battle and all lessons I learned. It pains me how people that don't know my story are judging me. 

I know we'll never be able to get rid of the cyber bullies. Especially when we do not have strict rules, not even a watchdog, to control and regulate internet users. Internet is a free world. That is why I know that there will always be people that would randomly see my "acne"posts and would comment and say how disgusting my skin looks, or how unpretty they think I am. 

For the haters or bullies, I pray that one day God grants you the maturity that you need. That you may think first before you speak. And consider first before you post. The internet is not a practice shooting range where you could shoot bullets everywhere and anywhere. Do not think that hitting that "ENTER" button is the end of your comment. Remember that the video maker or the blog owner is a person. On the other line sits a human, too. You may be going through something rough in life that may push you to be mean towards other people. But that does not give you the passport to insult other people. You do not know where they are coming from or what they are going through or what they had to go through. The girl you called fat could be starving herself just so she won't gain another pound. That boy you called poor could be working day and night just to provide for his family. The person you are laughing at could already be abused at home. Always be nice to people you meet, big or small, because you never know what difficulties they are going through. Hating on someone on the internet is not fun. Not at all. 

For YOU reading this blog post, THANK YOU! Just this month, I have already posted a number of personal stories. I treat this blog as my diary where I write my current thoughts and emotions. I want to be real but sometimes I do get scared, as well. What if I get misinterpreted? What if I choose the wrong words or say things I shouldn't? But somehow, each post just makes us a bit closer. You get to know the real me a bit more and I get to know you a bit more, too, because of your responses and reactions. When I posted this on YouTube, I wanted to make a somehow "inspiring" video. I wanted to cheer you guys up and let you know that someone on the other line (me) is willing to listen to you if ever you need someone to talk to. But something great happened!! I checked the YouTube comments section and nearly cried! Everyone's comments were so overwhelming that I wanted to print all of them and hang them on my bedside so I could read them each morning. They were all so inspiring and heart-warming! I also saw new commentrrs that may have stayed quiet in the past. I didn't know I have a lot of supporters and just really nice viewers! You guys are the best! I appreciate all of your comments and know that I am grateful to each and everyone of you. I'm thanking you so often that it may sound like a habit already. But I hope you feel that each "THANK YOU" that I tell you is sincere.