Saturday, December 20, 2014

A must try: Authentic yet inexpensive Japanese Food! | Nihon Daidokoro 日本台所

You guys know how much I love anything Korean... but I have also mentioned how I am starting to love Japanese stuff these days as well. Japanese music, food, fashion, electronics, cars, etc have been around for a long time... even before K-pop exploded! hehe I have also heard so many stories about how nice Japanese people are! I also really, really want to travel to Japan on a Spring season to see their Sakura!! Gaaah. (Bakit mailap and travel visa?!hehe)

Anyway, yesterday my friend and I went to a blog-feature invite in Makati. On our way home, we got hungry but we decided to just eat when we get back to Quezon City. But on our way out of the Makati (Cinema) Square, we passed by this very attention-grabbing restaurant!

Am I finally in Japan?! hehe

Location : 1st floor, Makati Cinema Square, Makati City

Another thing that got our attention was this sign:

The only seemingly-authentic ramen that I tried was at Ippudo. And tell you, it was expensive but the taste was not that great compared to how people are raving about it...
But I'm still curious about Ramen and would like to taste a delicious one!

So when we saw that their ramen was on an introductory 50% off offer, we knew we had to try them!

The bowl is as big as other more expensive Japanese restaurants, but definitely half (if not 1/3) the price! The ingredients are also all authentic Japanese ingredients. And the taste? So delicious!!

SHIROMEN Php150 (50% OFF so I only paid Php 75!)
Special Seafood Creamy Soup (chicken based) 
The soup was rich and creamy and really tasty! My mouth is watering now as I'm writing this blog post! hehe

KUROMEN Php120 (50% OFF so my friend only paid Php 60!)
Special Soy Garlic Soup (pork based) 
My friend ordered this. It was also very tasty, but since the soup has soy garlic, it was just a bit salty. Also a bit spicy, so you will definitely like this if you prefer rich taste in your food!

My date for the day, Burn!

So while my friend and I were enjoying the place and the food, I couldn't help but notice some Japanese in the store. I apporached them and asked if they're the owners. They said yes. So I told them that I like their place and their food so much that I will write about it for free on this blog. hehe They were so nice that after a few minutes, Akaneさん approached us and told us she was going to give us a "present". So I smiled and said thank you.

A few more minutes, she came back with this!! Mango Kakigoori Php 50 (So affordable!)

She said it's really delicious. We had no idea what it was but I often see shaved ice snack like this on Japanese movies and animes. hehe I was thinking Doraemon but I'm not really sure.

Anyway, take a photo with the cute food before you eat it! hehe

We then took our ice cream spoons and took our first bite. Then, WE DIED. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS! I can't even explain how soft the ice is. Is that even ice? It tastes like cold and sweet cotton in your mouth!! You don't even have to chew as it will melt on it's own in your mouth. The taste was just right, the milk and sugar were tasty but weren't overly-sweet. Just the right taste to get you addicted. I want to cry now, actually, as I'm typing this. hehe Why must their restaurant be in Makati while I'm living in Quezon City?! :(
Do you see the fine flakes of ice??

They sell their food in very reasonable and affordable price! Look at the price of their fried food!!

And there's also this cute kitten egg that I wanted to take home! hehe

I just made a collage so I don't make a really long post but here are some more stuff that will make you feel like you are in Japan for real! Oh, that shaver that makes fine and cloud-like shaved ice, I like want need it!

Here's a photo with Akaneさん! I didn't know there were 2 more people behind us! hehe
I really like discovering new and unique restaurants. And I enjoy giving free blog advertisements to people that are really nice and restaurants that serve delicious food! hehe

I just wish they could open a branch here in Quezon City! Ahh, what to do now that I am craving for that Mango Kakigoori? They have 6 other flavors that I want to try as well : Strawberry, Latte, Kinako, Coffee, Macha and Snow!!
 Akaneさん, please open Nihon Daidokoro in Cubao~ ^^

If you are lucky enough to be working or living near Makati, then be sure to check out this restaurant! The 50% off promo for the ramen is a very nice deal plus you'll be able to end the meal with a heavenly plate of sweet and cold shaved ice!

For more information, check out their Facebook page HERE.

Thank you for reading today, my love!