Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DIY Phone Case using Washi Tapes, Nail Polish and Color Pens

Having hard time finding cute cases for you phone? Here are some simple DIY phone cases ideas that you'll surely like! 

iPhone users always have the advantage when it comes to buying phone cases since manufacturers always make cases for iPhones first. But the situation is different for us Android users. I remember when iPhone 6 came out, the stores I went to were already selling iPhone 6 cases while still didn't have new arrivals for my Samsung S5. I was so frustrated that I just decided to make my own!

The best thing about DIY's is that you always have unique stuff. 

Please watch the video below for some quick and easy DIY phone case ideas!

I got the plain phone cases from CD R KING for only Php 20 each! So cheap, right? Some stores sell plain cases for Php 200 so I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that they sell theirs for only Php 20! I have to warn you, though, that their cases aren't as sturdy as the more expensive ones. My second cousin dropped my phone (which I was so sad about because I haven't ever dropped it yet) while inside the pink case from CD R KING. The case went off the phone therefore leaving my innocent S5 with deep and ugly scars. (aka scratches) :( The screen didn't break so I still have something to be thankful about. hehe

Which one is your favorite out of the three? I like them all but my favorite has got to be the simple clear case with washi tapes. :) 

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