Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Korean Food Challenge | 먹방

I love food! I don't think there was ever a time I said no to food or purposely wasted food. I feel like food feels sad when they don't get eaten so I always try to eat as much as I can. hehe

One of my favorites is Korean Food! I guess it's like a domino effect. Once you get onto the Korean band wagon, you start liking their dramas, then their actors, then their music, then their singers/idols, then their language, then their food. Or maybe, food comes first! hehe I decided to film a "Korean Food Eating Challenge" with my friend Andy from

In South Korea, there's a thing going on now called " 먹방 " (MokBang) where someone would put lots of food on the table, set a camera in front of her/him then film the entire eating time. Initially, this was for people who don't have anyone to dine with. So if you don't like eating alone, you just turn on the internet and search for these videos. You'd then instantly feel like you are eating with someone. These days, this has also become a channel for people to know reviews about certain food or maybe by companies to promote their food/product. Oh sorry, did I talk a lot? hehe 

Here's our video! Enjoy! ^^


Sesame Ramen | 라면 
Where : Amateur Restaurant (Yes, it really is named Amateur! hehe) in Garnet Road in Ortigas, Pasig
Php 99 per bowl. 

Gimbap | 김밥 
Where : Amateur Restaurant in Garnet Road in Ortigas, Pasig
Php 100 per dish.

Patbingsu  | 팥빙수 
Where : Mr. Parks Bread and Cake in Garnet Road, Ortigas, Pasig City
Php 180 per bowl.

You may think we only had 3 kinds of food but we really were so full that I felt like a pregnant toad that afternoon. A cute pregnant toad, though! hehe

After that, Andy gave me some gifts! These books are interesting so I'll surely read them when I go back to Tarlac. It's always nice to read books under a tree while sipping a cool and fresh fruit drink! Ahh, can't wait! You guys know how much I love my province Tarlac. She also gave me this interesting lip tint in a really cute packaging! Can't wait to try it as well. Thank you, Andy! ^^

That's our food challenge! Later on, we dissed the challenge and just proceeded to enjoying the food and our time together.  

Let me know if you enjoy videos like this so I could try other cuisines, as well! I'm thinking Japanese food next! What do you think?