Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sitio La Presa (Forever More Shooting Location) + Strawberry Farm in Baguio (Baguio Vlog Day 2)

Hello, everyone! Happy first day of February! How are you guys feeling? I am so happy that the weather is still cool here in Manila, especially today! The weather feels like I never left Baguio. Cool and breezy wind that would just make you want to wear a sweater and sip a cup of warm chocolate. hehe

Anyway, here is the part 2 of my recent trip to Baguio!

Started the day with a cup of yummy goodness Strawberry Taho! Taho is a Philippine snack made of fresh, silken tofu with some pearls (similar to tapioca) and sweet syrup. In Manila we normally have the regular caramelized syrup. But in Baguio they mix strawberry syrup with real strawberries in the taho! O. M. G!! (Php 40 per cup ~ $1)

Our first destination was the Sitio La Presa. I don't watch Filipino dramas anymore but this place is quite famous these days because it is the shooting location of one of the dramas we have right now - Forever More. It is an hour away from the main city but the drive and the wait are totally worth it!

If you go there on weekdays, you will be able to watch them shoot the drama. If you go there on a weekend, you'll be able to go near the set and take pictures with the bench, the house, the plantation, etc. You just pick which one you'd like to experience the most.

Quiet on the set!

I went with my Uncle and with my Aunt.

It was so windy that day! hehe It could be because La Presa is on top of the mountain so you'd expect the place to be a lot cooler and windier than the other places in Baguio.

Be safe and take the straight path or be adventurous and take the zig-zag road?

We then went to the P.M.A. The first spot was the Korean War Memorial.

That's my uncle behind me! hehe Their daughters, Em and Anna, are my closest cousins in my father's side. I always go with their whole family on trips but this was the first time I went with them without the 2 cousins. It was actually fun to be with them! Normally you'd think it would be boring and awkward to travel with only your cousin's parents but the case with them was different. They kept on laughing.. and eating(lol) that I forgot I was with elders and not my cousins!

Courage. Integrity. Loyalty. Plus Flowers, Clouds and Me. hehe

A quick OOTD, anyone? hehe This is why you don't take high-angle shots of people that are already short in real life. Low-angle shot is the key to perfect OOTD's! 

We then went to the Strawberry Farm! OMG, I found Kambal Na Strawberry! hehe (Twin Strawberries) Last December I caught my cousin's bouquet at the wedding. Now, January, I found twin strawberries. Are these my signs finally?! #foreveralone 

Sweet strawberries are sweet! 

Before going back to Tarlac the next day, we ate breakfast first! I love that all the food tasted so fresh, especially the vegetables and the fruits! Add to that the feeling of sipping hot coffee on a cool and breezy morning! Ahh, Baguio! 

And that concludes our short trip to Baguio! Have you guys been to Baguio? I've been there 4 or 5 times and I have nothing but fun and happy memories of all those times! Baguio may be a long way drive from home but it's always worth the effort and time. 

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