Saturday, March 14, 2015

Haul : Cute and Inexpensive Things in Divisoria

I love going to Divisoria! I love how I get to take home 200% stuff compared to when I shop at the mall. People that have been there will understand the feeling. And no, not everything from there is low quality or "cheap". Truth is, some stuff you see at the mall also come from Divisoria. They just add logo, label and tag price to the stuff. Voila! Price of it gets doubled! So the best thing is to shop where shopping malls shops, if that makes sense! hehe

My birthday is coming soon and I want to make this birthday special by celebrating. I don't always throw parties but this is different because I'll be celebrating my last line-of-twenty birthday. I want to be able to remember the feeling of being twenty-ish when I get older. So, I went there to buy some stuff. Number 1 on the list are the gold letter balloons that I always see on Pinterest and on Instagram!

Watch my haul :

Everything that I showed in the video come down to Php 3,000. It was so funny because I spent my money to the last cent that I had to deprive myself of food and water and had to starve until I got home because I wanted to be able to buy everything I need. You see, the thing about going to Divisoria is to bring just the amount of money you need and add some extra bucks only. You could bring Php 10,000, buy everything you see and still want for more. Divisoria really has it all! And the best part is that everything is so cheap!

What's your favorite item among the things I showed in the video?

Also, one of my birthday wishes is to have more followers on Instagram. Can we have 4,000 on or before my birthday, please? hehe Follow me! My username is @RealAsianBeauty. ^^