Sunday, March 8, 2015

Pureform (Renew|Truderm) Pure and Pampered Health and Beauty Fair

It's so nice to be back in the city after a refreshing vacation in the province! I do admit, though, that while I was there, I neglected this blog a bit. I mean, how can I be always on the internet when calm and quiet surroundings, sumptuous food and happy children await me? All I did there was eat, spend time with my grandfather and play with my cousins and nephews every afternoon! hehe

But I am back now and to kick off the comeback, I attended Pureform's Health and Beauty Fair at the Trinoma Activity Center yesterday, March 15, 2015.

Pureform is the company that makes some of the beauty products that you may have already heard of : Renew Placenta and Truderm Papaya.

I was there early because I wanted to experience all of the activities they have. 

The registration for the fair started at 10AM. There were pretty ladies that assisted the beauty fair attendees. 

There were lots of promos and activities! Some of them were nail makeover, hair and makeup makeover, skin consultation, fun photo booth and more! One of the highlights was the Tropical Treats promo where Pureform gave away Summer getaway packages to beautiful places like Boracay, Pico de Loro and Anawangin!

For the promo, the customer only had to avail Php 250 worth of any Pureform (Renew and Truderm) products to get 1 raffle stub and a pass to the beauty fair and to the meet and greet.

Nail Makeover!

Hair makeover!

Makeup Transformation!

Too bad, I forgot that I was going to a beauty fair! Had I remembered, I never would have done my makeup and my hair and my nails! hehe Because my hair was already curled, I just asked the hair stylist to style up my fringe a bit and curl my locks some more.

It was also the day where I scheduled the "Meet and Greet" with some of our readers. I originally  picked 3 readers but the other 1 couldn't make it so only 2 came : Neri Ann and Belle. ^^

They also came to the beauty fair with me. Good thing, they didn't do their hair so they were able to enjoy the free hair makeover!

Here's Neri Ann having her hair done. 

She also had her nails done! I love the white flowers on her nails! The design is cute yet elegant! :)

Belle also had her hair and makeup done! I love how I saw Belle transform from being a cute girl last year to a blossoming lady this year! 

After being dolled up by the beauty fair's stylists, we headed out of the venue to have some snack. And of course, to take some photos!

I asked to eat at Chatime because I was craving for their chicken chops+rice earlier that morning. But to my disappointment, Trinoma branch doesn't serve any rice meals. So, we just ordered some tea and went out to eat somewhere else.

After eating, we went back to the beauty fair. In just a short time, the program started and was kicked off with a majestic ballet performance by some of the ballerinas from the Hallili Ballet School.

There were also the Pureform Cuties that entertained the audience. It was so funny because they were playing a game and were asked by the host to pick some girls from the audience. While the other men were picking, one lady went up the stage and just swiftly grabbed that guy in black shirt! hehe 

And then the main show started! Sofia Andres, the face of Truderm Papaya and plays Kate in Forevermore, graced the event with her beauty! She also sang a song for the viewers.

Eat Bulaga host and Renew Placenta's face, Pauleen Luna, was also there and also sang a song for the audience.

After that, it was time to draw the winner of the Tropical Treats raffle promo. Everyone was excited for the grand prize winner! The lucky name was drawn and it was Princes Nunez that took home the summer getaway prize to La Carmela de Boracay! I interviewed her and she said she was just passing by and saw that there was an event so she went in to join the fun. Luckily, her name was drawn for the grand prize!

I also took photos with these beautiful ladies! The beautiful faces of Renew and Truderm Products!

After that, it was time for the Meet and Greet. People with the VIP Pass had the chance to go up the stage to meet the stars and take photos with them. My nephew in Tarlac, Charlie, has been telling me how he finds Sofia so pretty. So, here is what I did for him...
When I got home, I sent him the photo and he was so happy! hehe BTW, he is 18 years old. It's a long story how I have an 18 year old nephew that sometimes calls me "ate" (big sister) instead of "Tita" (Aunt). haha

I also took a photo with the kind and blooming Ms. Grace Garcia, VP for Marketing of Pureform Cosmetics! Thank you, Ms. Grace!

Some of the bloggers that came to the event with me were Kamila, Alice and my ever love Andy! Please go and check out their blogs as well! ^^

And that's how my weekend went. It's amazing how time flies to quickly here in Manila and at the end of the week, you just ask yourself "What did I do / What happend this week?" and think back and realize that time went by that quick. While in the province, you get to savour each and every moment and just live for the moment. I love my reality and my fast-paced life here in Manila but I already got attached with my calm and care-free life in Tarlac. Sigh, can I split my body and my life? hehe

Thanks for reading today, love!