Sunday, March 1, 2015

XiaXue Inspired Hairstyle | Hair Braid

XiaXue (Wendy) is one of the most famous and influential bloggers. Whatever she uses, recommends, posts and promotes gets thousands of likes! It also becomes a trend in an instant. You should check out her blog to find out for yourself if you haven't read her blog yet. So I was browsing her Instagram account one day when I saw a very nice hairstyle that she posted.
(Photo credit to XiaXue from her Instagram account

It looks so uniqe, pretty and complicated all at the same time! I thought you guys would want to see how it's done so I made a quick tutorial.

Please watch the video here :

I'm so sorry for the popping sound in the video. I did the voice over in one go so I didn't notice that I was speaking with a lot of air. I got an e-mail, though, from a sweet subscriber saying I should consider getting a pop filter. Thanks for your e-mail! I'll see if I can find one soon! :)

Xiaxue's was a bit difficult to do, though. The 3 layers were a pain in the neck and I almost quit doing it (lol) so we just went for a 2 layer style. To finish the look, we just did a regular fishtail braid on the tail.

What do you think of this hairstyle?