Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Avengers Nail Art (Thor, Captain America,Iron Man, Hulk)

I wasn't really into comic-inspired and superhero inspired movies but it changed when I watched The Avengers and fell in love with one character. Can you guess with who? Yes, LOKI! (hehe) That's why I was a little sad when I found out he wasn't going to be in this year's installment of The Avengers movie. Anyway, I am still looking forward to it which will be showing today! 

I did a nail art inspired by the main characters of the movie. I made sure the design was easy and simple so that anyone, even beginners, can still copy the design. 

I got the inspiration from their costumes. In the video, though, I used metal studs and rhinestones. I got them from a website called But if you don't have them, you can get a silver nail polish and paint some dots and a star to complete the design. 

Watch the tutorial here :

This is also my first nail art in a while. I'm happy that you guys still like my nail art and I promise I will make more again soon. Any requests or suggestions? K-Pop, perhaps? :)

I hope you like this nail art design!

Let us know if you've seen the movie and what you thought about it.