Monday, April 25, 2016

Hugot Makeup Tutorial! (Walang Forever!) | 5 Steps of Moving On

Hi, guys! I really apologize for the lack of blog posts lately. I'm trying to be consistent with our YouTube video upload schedule that I don't have too much time to do anything else. But I believe that once I master the art of regular video uploading, I'd also be consistent in writing posts for our blog. Please hang on a little and be patient with me. By the way, the Hugot video is in Filipino, my native language, but I'm writing this in English just to follow the format of the blog.

For readers that are not Filipino, Hugot lines are Pick-up lines but are usually more dramatic (yet meant to be punny and funny!) and typically give shade to love problems. Hugot is very popular here in the Philippines these days. I got the idea of doing this video when my friend told me that Arci Munoz did it in her latest movie, Always be my Maybe. I thought it was such a good idea and almost spanked myself for not coming up with the idea earlier!

Here is my Hugot Makeup Tutorial. Please click play to see me utter some punny pickup lines while doing my makeup in my bedroom! Hehe

I am proud of this video for many reasons. One, it's the first formal video where I used my newly purchased ring light. Did you guys notice any improvement on the quality of the video? Second, it was my first time ever to show my 100% bare face to you guys. No subtle eyebrows, lip tint not even moisturizer was applied on my skin. Truly, bare face! That's one courageous YouTuber right there! 

Since we are already talking about love, heartache and breakup, I want to share with you guys my idea of a perfect "moving on" process. I have also been through destructive relationships and painful breakups so I know how it feels and I surely know how to deal with it. Let's get started!


So what do you do when you find out that the person you have given your love and full trust to cheated on you? Or suddenly broke up with you for an unacceptable reason? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, weep. Cry! It's okay to cry. Cry as much as you can, as often as you can. It doesn't matter if you're in front of the T.V. watching The Walking Dead or in the shower brushing your teeth. What some people fail to understand is that the process could be painful but it is also important to let out the pain that you are currently feeling. Don't be scared of people judging you. Those that will judge you are most probably people that have never been in your situation. Those  that have been there will understand you and won't look at you with judging eyes.


A few weeks, or maybe even days, after crying out a river is the phase we start to feel in denial. "Nooo, he definitely can't be throwing our 3 year relationship down the drain, can he?" "No, he just needs some space. He's definitely going to miss me and will be back with me in no time!" "No, we did not break up!" Some people even go to the extent of going to the person and actually begging him or her to stay. I have done that, honestly. And I do not regret it. At least now I know for sure that second chance was impossible. It's always my fear to live my life with a lot of "what if?" I always do something when I can and then charge to experience whatever the result would be. Most of the time, I don't regret something that I have done, be it something good or something stupid... like begging an ex to stay! Hehe


After you've cried and begged the person to stay, you'd probably realize what a big jerk your ex was for hurting you and what a fool you've been for actually begging the person to come back. It's okay to be angry. For me, it's a healthy sign that you are slowly making your way out of the shadow of the person that hurt you, It's a good sign that the hopelessness has now been replaced by another emotion. The new one may not be a better one, but at least you are moving on, which is nice! Okay, girl! Time to bring out those love letters, pictures, and stuffed toys that only remind you of your ex. I'm not the type of person to actually be over-dramatic and burn stuff, I usually just tear them, throw them away or give them to people that want them. I giveaway the stuffed toys, guys! Not the mushy and cringe-worthy love letters! Hehe


Girls don't get mad, they get even... or revengeful! And what a better revenge than to beautify yourself and be a better version of you. Most women I know storm the salon to get an extreme makeover! At first, do this because you were hurt, But later, you should be doing this for the right reason-to improve yourself so you feel good about yourself! I remember when I was younger and immature, I wanted so bad to have big breasts because someone dumped me for a girl with humongous breasts. lol No, I did not get breast implants! Instead, I started working out and got myself some sexy abs. Thanks to the jerk, I had an amazing body back then!


After everything that you've been through, you are now MOVED ON, finally! Some people take only weeks, while some take months and some even take a year to forget and move on. The length of time does not matter, really. What's important is that you have broken free from the pain. And now you have just revealed a better and stronger you! Version 2.0 for the win! And have you not wondered why people that have just moved on are always the prettiest and the happiest? I have observed that a lot on people I know that have gone through worst pain. Most of the time, after their storm, they are the sweetest and brightest people you would ever speak with. They just radiate an aura of freshness and happiness that can never be forced nor faked. It's just sincere happiness!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my long post. I'm not sure if you learned something from it, I hope you did! I opened my heart to you on this blog post and shared some of my past painful experiences. Also, I find it a bit weird how we started light with this blog post and now were ending with something serious. If you are going through something right now, remember that it is not the end yet. You will overcome that pain and you will be healed one day, I want to end this blog post by sharing with you guys my favorite Christian song, Grace Changes Everything, Please click here to listen to my favorite version of the song.