Sunday, April 23, 2017

DIVISORIA HAUL : Makeup, Room Decor and Storage

I love going to Divisoria! The thought of bringing only one or two thousand Pesos and going home with loads of stuff really excites me! I have been an avid shopper since my college days at FEU. I remember how my BFF and I would shop for school shoes, skinny jeans and blazers. I love how I also how precious college memories at Divisoria! Hehe

I went shopping again and this time, I bought cute and girly stuff for my bedroom. Before, I used to just shop and buy whatever I see, even stuff I don't really need. But I found a better shopping technique! It's always wise to make a list before heading out and bring only enough money with you. Doing that will prevent you from over-shopping and over-spending. Sometimes, we think we save money by buying cheap stuff but we don't realize that buying LOTS of cheap stuff also equal to spending money on expensive ones. 

Here are all the cute stuff I bought! I am astonished how I was able to find everything in my list! I am starting to thing I'm becoming the queen of Divisoria! (*hehehe*)


Here's where I got everything I mentioned in the video :

-PINK COMB -  Php 20 - Gladking Old 999 Mall 1C-21
-FLOWER - Php 100 - Old 999 Mall 1V-18
-UNICORN Brush Set - Php 650 - Old 999 Mall IA-21
-ACRYLIC LIPSTICK CASE - Php 230 - Old 999 Mall IA-21
-FAKE NYX LIP CREAMS - Php 100 3 pcs - Old 999 Mall IA-19
-PINK DRAWERS - Php 70 each - 168 Mall 1N-08
-GOLD NUMBERS - Php 35 each - 168 Mall 2HB-05
-PRINCESS BALLOON - Php 50 - 168 Mall 2HB-05
-WHITE PRINCES MIRROR - Php 500 - 168 Mall 2HA-04
-LED LETTER K - Php 180 - 168 Mall 2HA-04
-PINK STRAW HOLDER - Php 180 - Tabora Street

Few of my favorites from this haul are the White Princess Mirror and the Pink Straw Holder! Ahhhhhh! I am so glad I found them in Divisoria! I have been eyeing the same mirror from IKEA but it costs Php 3,500 on an online shop. The pink straw holder costs Php 900 on another online shop! Can you imagine how much money I DID NOT SPEND because I opted to go to Divisoria instead of succumbing to online shop's steep price! Hehe

I was really intending to buy a Unicorn Balloon but didn't find one so I just bought this Princess Balloon! Hehe No one can tell me I am too old for a pink, princess balloon! Hehe (And you shouldn't let anyone tell you what you can or can not do with your life, either! It's your life so go and do what your heart desires.)

Yup, I am 31 years old! I am not embarrassed to reveal my age. Because along with that "old" age comes beloved people, friends I made, places I've been to, unforgettable experiences and important lessons learned. 

I really enjoy shopping at Divisoria! I can shop there alone but I also enjoy shopping with friends and with my BF. Hehe I hope one day I could finally push my plan of at Divisoria with me?

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