Monday, January 29, 2018


If you are looking for a weekend gateway that's near Manila, you should definitely check out Sta. Rosa, Laguna! I used to think Laguna was all trees and fields until I finally got to explore the place and eventually fell in love with it. Admit it, Manila is becoming more and more congested. Having been raised in Manila, I sometimes crave for tranquility that "provinces" offer. 

The best thing about Laguna, aside from the fresh air, uncrowded places, and cool spots, is that it only takes about an hour of travel from the metro! In this quick blog post, I will be sharing my personal favorite things to do in Sta. Rosa.


Contrary to my initial perception, Sta. Rosa is actually modernized and developed! They have numerous shopping malls, which I have to mention are all spacious and quiet. Vista Mall and Nuvali are my favorite places that I really recommend you guys check out! Those places are developed that taking photos for your next IG #OOTD is a must! 

Take this photo below as an example. I went as far as Nami Island in South Korea to find grasses like those but I failed. Who would have thought I'd find them only in Laguna? Shookt! Now I have the perfect Autumn-ish #OOTD!


Another thing to love about Laguna is they incorporate modern and nature. If you love having picnics with your family or friends, you will surely love it there. It is situated along Tagaytay Road which also gives you a bit of that fresh Tagaytay air, especially at night or during our "cooler" 'ber months. 

This man-made stream in Nuvali is where you could feed Koi fish or even ride their mini-speed boat. It truly is relaxing! 


Fed up with the overly-hyped and crowded Manila shopping malls? You will surely love their malls in Sta. Rosa! You have wide array to choose from : Solenad, Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Nuvali, Vista Mall and a whole lot more!

What you will find special about these malls is that they are spacious! If you like shopping without the fuzz of traffic or long ques for the cashier, this is the place to be! Fret not about what to buy because stores that you see in Manila also exist in Sta. Rosa. They even have few brands and shops that you will only find there. 


Aside from the usual restos that also exist in Manila, there are also must-visit restos and cafes. Some of my favorites that I really recommend you guys try are Coffee Project and Paluto, both in Vista Mall. Yes, there are Coffee Projects in Manila, too. But the one here is one of the firsts and also one of the best interiors I've seen. I just have to note that their Wi-Fi sucks. So, don't go there for it. *hehe* Rather, go for the ambiance and the experience. You'll love it. 


This is a little personal but when I posted my photo taken in Laguna on my Instagram, couple of followers mentioned they are from Laguna as well. So, if you guys come around the area, you might spot me and we could take a selfie together! *hehe*

Kidding aside, Sta. Rosa is really a relaxing place to visit. I always miss it's fresh air, hip places and it's calmness whenever I feel stressed in Manila. 

Try visiting one weekend to experience for yourself. 
If you come visit, don't forget to snap a photo of your favorite thing or place and tag me in the photo! 

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