Monday, February 12, 2018

This Company Took Me to KOREA FOR FREE & Here's What I Got In Return! (CHARIS CELEB KOREA)

You may be hearing a lot about CHARIS from your favorite Asian bloggers. 
But what really is Charis

Call it crazy, but this is the real reason why I was able to travel to Korea for FREE!!

Charis is a trendy online shop based in Seoul, South Korea. They offer wide array of Korean beauty products, skin care and cosmetics. What set's this shop from other known Korean shops is that they actually allow bloggers aka influencers be more active and take part in reviewing and promoting Korean beauty products by letting them have their own online shop! What's more, they also offer gifts, bonus and reward to loyal consumers and to loyal bloggers. One of which is sending them to SEOUL!!!

Here is my actual CHARIS CELEB SHOP! There, I feature (and also sell) all my FAVORITE Korean items! As you can see, however, my shop only has 4 followers! *sobs in corner. cries in Korean* So, if you are ready to give me some love, please come and sign up to Charis and follow my Charis Celeb shop :

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how you could start using Charis and how you could follow my Charis Celeb shop!

STEP ONE : On your phone or laptop browser, go to then click REGISTER
STEP TWO : Enter your information. You only need to fill up 4 boxes! (amazing!)

STEP THREE : Personalize your account. Add more info, change photo or alter settings.
STEP FOUR : Start using Charis! You can search for Korean brands to try and shop. You can read reviews and tutorials. You can also follow your favorite Charis Celeb bloggers!

BONUS : Follow me on your Charis account -

Now, aside from taking me to Seoul, Korea for free, Charis also made sure I didn't spend any by paying for my plane ticket (airfare) and my hotel accommodation! On top of that, they even gave me a LOT of Korean stuff to take back home to the Philippines! 

I kid you not, all the stuff they gave me almost didn't fit in 1 luggage! 

In this post, I will share with you some of my FAVORITES from my Charis Celeb Beautiful Journey in Seoul HAUL! I will also include the links which you can click so you can read more information about the item, in case you see something you love as well!

If you want to see more details about the items, be sure to watch my YouTube video below. I filmed it in English so everyone would be able to understand and relate. Give it some love, guys!

Remember that you can click all the LINKS in case you like something. 

CHARIS Celeb Sparkling Bubble Cleanser 

I like it so much, I even did a short IG video!

LINE FRIENDS Character Merch 

ROMAND Pigmented Lipsticks 

DEUX YEOZA Rapunzel Hair Treatment Set 

KLAIRS Toner and Skin Care Items 

LA PALETTE Skin Care Line 

LA PALETTE Leather Handbag 

VODANA x Esther Loves You Flat Iron 

REAL BARRIER Skin Care Line 

FIORI Water-based Nail Polishes 

PAPA Recipe Natural Skin Care 

NEEPIEL Caviar Skin Care Line 

LEVELLO Cashmere Scarf 

DA MIOR Bamboo Skin Care Line 

Honest to goodness, I'm currently using most of the items I listed and they are impressive! Truly, Korean skin care products never fail and always give promising result! I am currently trying the 10-STEP Korean Skin Care Routine using 10 skin care products from my Charis Celeb shop. I will reveal the outcome soon! Please follow this blog or SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel to find out!

What's your favorite from this haul and which one would you try/buy? Comment below and share your thoughts!


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