Sunday, March 4, 2018

MIRIAM COLLEGE Vlog Talk + Campus Tour!

One of the things I enjoy doing is conducting talks at schools and universities. There is this gratifying feeling I can't even put to words each time I talk in front of college students. 

I guess one of the main reasons is that I used to be a hushed student. I wasn't the achiever type. I was always the one who watched my batch mates perform and clapped my hands as they excelled. But I was never the one on stage. Now that I am older, I have this desire to lead and inspire students... most especially students who may be like me - silently sitting and listening at the back but may also have the same passion and the same drive as I do.

I recently held a talk at the Miriam College in Katipunan. I used to be so curious about this school as I would always pass by their campus when I was younger. Coming from a regular school, I used to wonder what it is like inside the campus of an exclusive school. 

Now, I have been given a chance! I'm thankful to the students of MC, most especially to this girl, Nicole, for recommending me to their organization to be the guest speaker for their event. 

Also thanks and shoutout to the Marketing students of Miriam College for having me!

If you are also curious about their school and their campus and if you'd also like to listen to my talk, watch the video below!

I really like the campus of Miriam. I love how it is spacious, clean and green. One of my favorite areas, though, is their locker room! It felt like I was in High School Musical, Pitch Perfect and Glee!

It's also amusing how the students who toured me didn't realize their locker room is "Instagram worthy" until after I took this OOTD! Hehe Really, sometimes we don't realize the beauty of the things that we have until after someone else appreciates it and voices out how amazing it is, right?

Do you like my OOTD? I haven't done any OOTD posts since forever so let me quickly try if I can remember how it's done!

Beret Hat : Lazada
Black Top : Tiangge (yasss!)
Jumper Dress : UKAY-UKAY (yasss!)
Watch : Daniel Wellington
Bag : Coach
Sunnies : Shop by Nicole Syjuco
Socks : Mumuso
Boots : Zalora

Thanks so much to Miriam College for having me and for believing in what I could share to their students! :)

If you are also a student and are looking into inviting me to your campus for an event or for a talk, please do note that my services are free however I do ask for little amount for Uber/Grab fare and for Food allowance just to compensate the expense and the time I would have spent working. But the rest is offered pro-bono. You may e-mail me at Please e-mail at least 2 weeks before your event to ensure that my schedule is still unmarked on the said day. Also, I humbly ask students who would contact me in the future to kindly practice proper decorum. I have had a lot of experiences from college students who contacted me and asked for my service but after I responded, I never heard from them anymore. Let us practice how to be professionals as early as our college days, shall we? :)

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