Tuesday, May 25, 2021

ERGONOMIC Work From Home Set-up Tips for SHORT PEOPLE!

Short People problems? This might be the BEST and most Ergonomical work from home or study at home set-up for you! 

I am between 5' and 5'2". I didn't realize how much I needed to upgrade my vlogging and editing set-up until I experienced backache last month (April 2021). Do note that this is not my first year working from home. I have been doing so since 2015. But I was contented using whatever table and chair was available at home. Come to think of it, I think I mostly did the editing on my bed, on the floor or on my vanity table. 

Until 2020 lockdown happened. Many people upgraded their tables and their chairs, even their laptops and computers. That's when I realized I may have lived under a rock because I didn't realize how important it is to actually feel comfortable while working.

On this post, you will get tips on choosing the best Ergonomic chair for you and you'll also get tips on where you could get stuff like tables, lamps, decors, etc. You will also get to see my current and updated work from home set-up.

Perfect if you have the same body build and same height as I am.

First, let me show you my work corner Before and After. 

The left photo was taken in 2020. This was already the time I realized I needed a computer table. Before this, can you imagine how I edited my vlogs for 5 years from 2015 to 2020 without a proper table? Now that I have my "after" set-up, I can't remember anymore how I was able to survive 5 years editing videos. HOW?!

Anyway, the left photo was taken in 2020. I bought the adjustable little table from Lazada for about Php 700. Because I didn't want to spend too much on my set-up, I just opted to use my Mom's loveseat/couch that we have at home. This was my set-up for almost a year.

The right photo is the final photo that you'll mostly see on this blog post. FINALLY, a comfortable chair and a table big enough for my laptop, my tablet, my lamp, some notebooks, some decors and other essentials!

This is the Ergonomic chair that I have chosen. This is the D10 Korean Ergonomic Chair (Made in Korea). This is available on different online shops like Lazada, etc. But I got mine directly from a seller that is legit from Korea. On other selling platforms, this sells for Php 6,000. I got it for Php 5,500 for the chair + Php 400 shipping fee.


Before I finally decided to purchase this chair, I spent nights looking for different chairs. Gaming chairs and Executive chairs were out of the question since I read most chairs like those are bulky and could be uncomfortable, not to mention they look to manly and won't fit my overly-girly room.

I chose this chair because I watched a couple of YouTube reviews on this. Not a lot of views but thankfully, the vlogger responded to my comments, so I was able to ask them personally about the chair, about it's comfort and the size. Since the vloggers I watched that reviewed this chair were mostly males, I assumed they were all taller than me. They all mentioned this chair is too "low" for them. They mentioned they don't recommend this for taller people beyond 5'7". That was the sign I took that this could be the perfect one for me!

For reference, here is the size chart :

Another thing I liked about his was that it was delivered the next day after I placed and confirmed my order. It was also personally delivered by the Korean business owner. They accept online payment but they also accept COD. Which is great thing if you do't have online-payment capability OR if you just can't trust online payments anymore! hehe

Here's how it looked when it arrived :


Table I got from Lazada for Php 1,400. It's measurements are 73cm Height x 100cm Length and 50cm Width. At first I thought it was too wide, but now that I have been using it for a month, I just think it's the perfect size. I could place my laptop + other essentials. More on this later. If you want this table, you may click here to shop

This is the FINAL and current look of my work from home set-up. It took me a while to complete the essentials. However, I think the most important accessory to invest on is a quality laptop stand like the one that holds my MacBook Pro 13 in the picture below. You may click here to shop for it as well. 


Work from Home / Online Class Set-up Guide, Accessories Tips and MY DESK TOUR!

The BEST Ergonomic Chair from Korea Complete Review and Guide (for SHORT PEOPLE)

Now that you have seen my 2 vlogs, I am sure you hav collected various tips on how you could set-up a comfortable corner from you that it not expensive, that looks great, is functional and most of all, comfortable for us short people! 

Oh, before I settled with the D10 Korean Ergonomic Chair, I was actually considering the OFIX F16 Pro Ergonomic Chair that was for Php 6,999. Because I couldn't make up my mind between all the chairs I was considering, I actually went to an OFIX showroom, tried all the chairs and filmed a YouTube vlog. Here is the video, CLICK to watch the full video.

Here's how the Ofix F16 Pro looks on a 5'-5'2" woman. :)

First of all, it looks too masculine. I am a very girly woman that likes her things to match from the feel, to the material to the color. The F16 feels comfy, yes. But I just feel that it's too big for me. Kind of like when you borrow someone else's slippers. You could walk on it but you will definitely feel that it's big on you and when other people see you wear it, they will definitely notice, too. Second, it's pricey at Php 7,000. 

I am very happy with my choice of chair, table and other accessories.
Oh, the Ergonomic chair is a gift from my Dad. The rechargeable lamp on my table is a gift from my Mom. :)

Just wanted to share that! Haha I feel happy that my parents are now a part of my work set-up.

I also changed my laptop from a Dell laptop that I have been using since 2016 to a NEW Apple MacBook Pro 13 Inches with the M1 CHIP!! This is one of the best purchases of my life. I have a detailed review on my new MacBook Pro 13 laptop! You may click here to watch the vlog OR click here to read the blog post. 

I used to struggle editing my videos because of my sluggish Dell Laptop. (haha now that I'm writing about it, I did suffer for quite a while working on a tiny table, sitting on a low couch and using a slow laptop.)

Anyway, the new MacBook Pro 13 M1 Chip is the bomb!! It was my first time switching to a Mac computer and I can say it's definitely worth the money. Be sure to watch my detailed review but just to emphasize how it improved my life, I went from rendering a 15-minute long video on my Dell laptop that usually takes 30-45 minutes to now rendering a 25-minute long video using the MacBook Pro for only 2 MINUTES!!!

Clearly, my dog loves my new set-up, too!

Some people spend money on other things but I think the most important things to spend our money on are on things that make our life easier and on things that we use on a daily basis - like a table and a chair!

I hope this blog post was able to help you decide which items you need for you work setup or for your upcoming online class corner for next school year. (At least you have few months to save money for the items you saw on this blog post. hehe)

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Stay safe!