Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Acne Solution : Flawless K.I. Pimple Injection

Do you get ugly zits on your face every now and then? Or have you been suffering from a major acne breakout and don't know how to cure it?

I have something I want to share to you today, Flawless' K.I. Pimple Injection.

If you've been following my stories recently, you probably know I had the ugliest and the most heart-breaking acne break-out ever! It got so worse that I just cry every night and I literally despised each moment I needed to wash my face because it was really painful, stingy and unbearable. Even looking at myself in the mirror wasn't too much of a joy.

I had to think too many times if I should do this post on my blog. I didn't want to expose my ugly skin to people because I'm afraid I might get ridiculed. But, when the treatment healed me, I thought I should share it to my readers because there might be someone who also is going through the same painful experience and is seeking for a solution.

Flawless is an aesthetic center in the Philippines that caters especially face, body and medical services.

Flawless SM North Edsa

They offer different services that promise to deliver medically sound beautification services and products to customers.

One of the most popular services that they have is the Pimple Injection that promises to give results in just a short time.
Actors and actresses, who are expected to be flawless from head to toe, usually avail of this treatment.

Here's a photo my skin before and after the treatment.

Amazing, isn't it?

No, i didn't have to wait for a long time. The photo on the right was my skin the morning before going to the clinic. And the photo on the left is my skin upon waking up the next day.

K.I. Pimple Injection at Flawless is done by a professional resident doctor. The treatment is safe because they make sure that the procedure is clean and they throw each needle right after each use. The doctor also uses surgical gloves to prevent spreading of germs.

They use Kanolone which is an anti-inflammatory fluid that kills virus and bacteria causing acne.

Price: Each shot (meaning 1 shot per zit) costs P100 or about $2.3.

Here's a closer look to my skin before and after the treatment.


In this photo, you can see some really huge and ugly cystic acne.
The skin was also rough and pores were visible.


In this photo, you can see that the big spots subsided.
The cystic acne near my ear also disappeared.
My skin became tighter and clearer.

Here are some more information about the treatment..


  • Effect is really fast.
  • Treatment is done by a licensed doctor.
  • Procedure is safe and clean.


  • Could be expensive, especially if you have many spots.
  • Painful. (What kind of injection is NOT?)
  • Leaves red scar after a couple of days.

I did a research about Kanolone here. I also read some reviews from people who had the same treatment that stated they experienced collagen loss or "skin tissue loss" from the treatment. I did not even once experience the same thing and from what I read, the cells will regenerate after a couple of months.

The only downside to this treatment is that it is painful. Imagine having a couple shots done all at the same time? But, the pain is worth it especially upon waking up the next day and checking yourself in the mirror to see that the ugly zits have subsided. The scars eventually heal and disappear so no worries about that, too.

Overall, this treatment was effective on me and I had no side-effects or bad experiences about this so far.

Questions, comments and stories? I would love to hear from you, too! Leave your comment in the box below.

* * *
June 2012

I thought I should update this post. The two photos I attached above seem to not have any effect as the "after" photo of my skin still isn't too much of a joy to look at.

I did this article in May and after 1month of having this treatment at Flawless, the acne finally got tired of escalating on my face. I get this treatment once every two weeks, so from May 20 to this day that I updated this post, I've had two more sessions.

Here is my face now!! :)

Yes, the pimples are gone!! And I am so happy!

I remember the first time I had this treatment, the doctor would inject about 30 shots or more on my face!! :'( Until it became 22... 17... and last week, the doctor only injected 3!

I am so happy and thankful that my skin is finally better now.

I know, I have deep acne scars and I will write another blog post soon on how I cure my acne scars!

Stay tuned please :)


Please try this treatment at your own discretion. What might be effective on one person might not be effective on another. Please consult a doctor prior to treatment.


  1. Congrats tine!!FLAWLESS kn ulit...=)~april

  2. Hi, April! Yes, It's so nice to look at the mirror and see my skin finally getting better. :)

  3. wow its really cheap and effective. Its really nice to see the improvement... gawa ka na ng FOTD soon ^^, Much Love!


  4. I'm glad you're getting better now. I saw it myself so it is indeed effective. But I just have one Q,,, Does the good effect last or shall I say,,, di nba babalik pa yung bad skin after the treatment???.. I got interested for my freaking acnes keep on popping out like parang "BUNI" pabalik-balik and I don't know how to get rid of them TOTALLY.

  5. @Photoescape : Thanks! It really is effective. Im happy my skin is improving, too. I will soon, kapag totally healed na ang scars. :) Thank you! :)

  6. @Anonymous : Actually, the spot that was injected heals totally. Hindi na bumabalik yung acne.. The problem is, if your hormones are really crazy so mag popop out naman sila sa other areas na hindi na inject. Pero dun sa na inject, wala na talaga. Its like namamatay yung bacteria. :) try it na girl! <3

  7. Kapag continuous talaga yung treatment, merong succesful results! Alagaan mo na 'yan after! I'm so happy for you! :) :)

  8. so how many sessions will it take for a total flawless effect?...


  9. @Mary - Usually after ng first treatment, mag heheal na talaga yung spot na na inject. Kung konti lang yung spots mo na malaki, after 1 day, magaling na yun ang flat na. :)

  10. I availed this service the doctor freaking extract my cystic acne!!(ang skit eh) imagine that it hurts a lot mataas pain tolerance ko pa nyan ha,she extracted 4 cystic pimple then she injected them witha solution...before kasi tinutusukan nalang yung cyst ko without extraction nagflat na,di pa gano nagscar ngayon in afraid it might scar bigtime sa sobrang sakit

    1. What has been the effect of Kanolone on you? Anything adverse? I have read it is not supposed to treat acne and is a steroid so it should be taken with great caution.

  11. HI Kristine was really hoping to get a reply from you since you have done a lot of injections on your face.

    Did you get my post here? I can't find it. It was about the dangers of injecting your face with Kanolone (triamcinolone).

    PLEASE I'm really worried because I had shots two days ago...PLEASE respond or if possible consult with Flawless. I just bought Kanolone in Sulit so I do not have a ny chance to consult with a derma.


    1. Hello, Anina!
      I am sorry for responding late. I hope you get this, too. Flawless injection is safe-because it is done by a professional doctor. However, I am worried for you because you bought yours at Sulit. You know.... Sulit is a good site to buy things, but we will really know about the seller... It is really best to just go to a clinic rather than do it on your own... Are you planning to inject it on your pimples on your own?

    2. Hi Kristine! My sister is a nurse and she injects Kanolone in my face. I have noticed na medyo lumubog nga yung mga injected areas. :(

      Thank you for having this blog and please keep us posted on the development of your skin as it heals from the scars left by the injections.

  12. In early February of 2011, I had a pimple injected with TRIAMCINOLONE ACETONIDE 10MG KENALOG INJ (according to my records), the pimple healed and I was left with a little bit of a red dot, which is normal. The skin around it had a blueish purple hue, but nothing too bad. In about late March, early April, I started to notice the discoloration was getting worse and that a had an indent was forming. By mid April, this indent could fit my pinky in it, and the discoloration was spreading. from (http://healthquestions.medhelp.org/triamcinolone-acetonide-injection)

    1. It's so sad to hear that that happened to your skin. I seriously had so many injections done on my face..... imagine 6 months... May side effects siya, kasi medyo nag-butas yung face ko.. Which I am healing now through facial peels and facials scrubs... The skin also has its natural way of healing. so I am also letting time heal the scars... Pero other than "butas" wala namang masyado tulad nung kwento mo na na dent na pwedeng ilagay ang finger.. :(

  13. and this: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Acne/Kenalog-Atrophy-and-Discoloration/show/1523254

  14. I have a lot of pimples that are not leaving my face for a week now. They are cystic acne. I just wanna know if they also inject sa maliliit na cystic acne and pimples? yung saakin kasi merong hindi red, kakulay pa sya ng balat. @____@

    1. Hi! Yes, I get what you mean. Marami ako nun dati, as in. Yun kasi yung mga spots na hindi naman kaya iprick kasi wala naman puss. Ganun talaga ang ini-inject, yung mga cystic. Kaso kapag maraming spots, baka medyo expensive.. Why dont you try facial first, para ma-extract yung pimples/puss. Then yung mga hindi kaya i-prick, yun ang ipa-inject mo? Ganun kasi ang ginagawa ko.. :)

    2. Hi there, so far I've been following what you've done. From Flawless' pimple injection too acne control facial. Ang sarap sa feeling medyo nagiging smooth na ulit face ko. These treatments are a bit pricey for students like me but they are all worth it. I might try your acne scars treatment too. Do they have lower TCA peel percentage? Start muna ko sa mababa siguro 20% TCA peel sa ibang derma kung wala sa kanila. Then pag okay ang results balik na ulit ako sa Flawless for 50% TCA peel. :)

    3. I'm so glad na nagwowork siya sa balat mo. Unti-unti lang ang treatments para mamonitor mo kung alin yung effective sayo at para hindi masyadong mabigat sa bulsa. How's your skin now? :)

    4. Hi, it's smoother than before. I still get pimples pero di na madami. And I'm still visiting Flawless every 2 weeks for the facial. Yung part na ininjectionan di na nagkaka pimples. Scars na lang problema ko. The scar treatment has almost 2 weeks downtime. Summer vacation na lang ako magpapa treatment sabay na sa hiatus ko. :)) easy peel din kasi nirecommend sakin nung aesthetician.

    5. Okay. dont worry about the scars muna. Ganyan din ako before. have you seen my Flawless easy peel post? sobrang dami ko din na acne scars. eventually mawawala din yan. ang main goal naten now is mawala muna ang bumps at pimples. :)

    6. Yup, I saw it and it'll be another gastos for me. Kelangan na mawala skin problems ko para hindi na ko "tignan" ng mga taong judgmental. You had 2 sessions, right? Did you have 50% TCA Peel for both sessions?

    7. I had 3 sessions actually. :) Yes, I always use the 50% TCA. :)

    8. that's why the shallow scars faded away. good thing it didnt cause any wrinkle coz 50% is a strong peel. did you use a moisturizer when you were at the peeling stage? do you have sensitive skin?

    9. Oh no! You cant use anything while you're on the treatment. you can go back to your usual regimen after 3-5 days or after the skin has completely peeled off. :)


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